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    Alex de Borba


    Hello @yrmyrm

    Thank you for the kind words and for giving Olympus us a try.

    Have a great day!

    Hello @jacobyte,

    Thank you very much for the positive feedback, we truly appreciate the kind words, and we are glad to know you enjoy exploring the theme as much as we do bring it out to the community.

    Performance is definitely one of the many vital elements we take into closer attention when working on Olympus, and we promise that the theme will only get better with time.

    We wish you a great day.

    Alex de Borba


    Hello @mnatseah624, I hope all is well with you.

    Most hosts offer the staging environment option as part of their setup. I believe it would be wise to ask your host about it in case they changed something recently.

    Staging a site, either a single or multisite setup is the very same procedure. It makes a copy of your existing setup sending it to a staging environment where you can work, debug, make major changes, and then push to production, which usually takes a few seconds. I am uncertain here how Bluehost handles it.

    Technically, everything is copied when you opt by staging, so database etc, should be a loyal copy without the need for you to manually edit it, or migrate it.

    I hope this helps.

    Alex de Borba


    Hello @inventivewebdesign, you are more than welcome, and my sincere apologies for the belated reply.

    The way I see it, if those subsites are merely a sort of landing pages, one-page showcase and nothing else, then I would say that having a multisite setup just for this purpose would be overkill.

    You can create those as pages and use hooks or code snippets to style them differently and conditional menus if those sites have different menus. This would allow you to have “look-alike and feel sites” that are pages.

    That will be one possibility if you are open to considering it.

    Regarding your questions, let us see here, considering my opinion is based on my own experience. Of course, it might differ from others as we all work somehow differently; perspectives may vary.

    Suppose both sites are on different domains, and you want to keep them under one single installation. In that case, you can opt by installing the theme and plugins related to the German site on a multisite, then activate when creating the subsite for it, and import the content, menus, etc., from the site to the multisite, and whence complete, map the domain to it.

    By connecting, you refer to share users? Products? Content? I am uncertain at this point.

    The tutorial Kinsta has put together is the strongest I have read online. Even thus, when I started using Multisite, I mainly figured out things by myself.

    No, it does not matter which theme or plugins you are using. However, if you are using any specific blocks in the plugin field and want to keep the same format, it would be better to be enabled on the site you are looking to import content. Content is written and formatted using the Gutenberg editor so that it will be cloned without issues.

    When using builders, especially on different sites to clone, I assume you will have to get those enabled to keep the same visual. However, cloning from Visual Composer to Elementor and vice versa is impossible since they work differently. For instance, if you clone Pages or Posts with VC design to Elementor, on Elementor, you will get those Posts/Pages displaying with VC shortcodes.

    I opted some months ago to redo my multisite from Elementor to Gutenberg. Besides the benefits regarding page load and fewer headaches with every significant update, I can clone pages from one site to another faster or even use the Gutenberg native Copy feature from one site to another, keeping it very lightweight and easier to maintain.

    Depending on your level of skills and the host you use, theme and plugins, a multisite can run fast and smooth. The topic is too complex to cover here. It covers many areas, from hosting fonts locally and possible scripts, such as from Google Analytics, the cache you use, and so forth.

    I would not recommend automatic translation. It will give more work, but the most translated organically, the better. I use a team to keep multilanguage sites, which works best for me. However, it all goes with the skills and the people available to perform such tasks.

    I hope this helps.

    Hello @kenadroid, I hope all is well.

    To my knowledge, when creating subsites, you either have those on subdomains or directories. However, if your intention is to have, let us say, pages look like sites, then you can use either Hooks or enqueue child theme support for custom styles to have those look differently.

    Nonetheless, when styling pages to look a site, those will use what would appear to be directories anyway, such as /site/, since this is how permalinks work.

    Considering both above, I would say it is not possible.

    If your concern is sharing content between installations, then Broadcast would perfectly allow you to handle this.

    I hope this helps.

    Hello @dollyanna,

    I once had this kind of issue and re-installed WordPress, and was resolved. It was due to an update that somehow missed a few files and led to issues on the backend.

    Could you give it a try?

    Hello @dollyanna, I hope all is well.

    I did a quick inspection, and your site is full of errors when using developer tools.

    I would recommend you disable all plugins and see if the styling of both sites, as well as dashboards, loads for you. If so, then enable the plugins one by one until you get the issue you are reporting.

    This will be the quickest way to determine if somehow you have a conflict with a third-party plugin.

    You may have not touched it, but perhaps you have auto-updates enabled and one of the plugins, while updating automatically, caused this issue.

    I hope this helps.

    Hello @anomalousanonymous1, I hope all is well.

    Depending on your needs, you may want to give it a try WordPress Multisite Content Copier/Updater, which allows you to copy content from one site to another, that is, if the site is set up as a multisite, which would benefit more considering the approach you are taking.

    I hope this helps.

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    Hello @inventivewebdesign, hope all is well.

    I am currently translating a big site with multiple departments as subsites, from English to Spanish, and my approach was to first do a subsite with the theme and blocks I need, style it according to, and setup everything for it to work it should. Whence I am pleased with the site, it becomes a “blueprint”, meaning that using NS Cloner, for instance, I just clone that site to a new subsite and have the header, menus, footer already setup, just missing to adjust the colours as each subsite has its own colour palette to stand out from one another, this saves me a lot of time.

    In your case, you already have the site’s setup, and if their wish is to turn simple pages into full-fledged sites, then the ideal would be to keep it as a multisite, having sites running and installed on their own language without the need for a translation plugin, however, you should ask them if they will manage such sites using a team per language, as I believe this may be also one of their aims.

    On my multisite, I have the sites installed and running in their own language, with the proper members assigned instead of having all the staff access to it, just the staff that handles the Spanish version, and the Support Department, for instance, have access to the site that is Spanish, and have a helpdesk plugin installed.

    You can clone posts and pages, and export/import them to other sites and translate them from there, or create new posts/pages and add the translation directly, keeping it cleaner.

    On my case I use Broadcaste to move and display posts/pages throughout different subsites.

    Regarding themes and settings, if using the same “blueprint” on all sites, you can consider using Customizer Export/Import to clone everything from one to another, that is, if your theme does not offers the option to export/import already.

    If the sites are static, you can opt for staging and do one site at a time. If the site is dynamic (WooCommerce, for instance, selling daily) the best option would be to export/import from one to another, or if possible, add a maintenance page to the subsite you may be working on while developing this.

    14 sites, simple, should be something quick to develop. Personally, I did 16 subsites in a matter of two months, all of which are dynamic sites, using the methodology above.

    I hope this helps.

    Hello @anurup

    By sub-admins, I would assume you somehow set the multisite to allow unlimited admins on your network; if that is so, that would not be a good idea for many reasons.

    Either way, if you refer to uploading to the Media Library and sharing with subsites and admins, you will need something that allows you to share media through a network. There are a few plugins that can accomplish this. Unfortunately, I cannot suggest any, but a quick search should return you enough results to research the one that better fits your needs.


    Hello @ficklefriends604

    I believe you will need to detail more about the issue as it is unclear if you are using WooCommerce or any other plugin that takes orders and what you mean by locations if those are four subsites or two with four different shipping locations.

    At this point, I cannot understand what the issue is so that we can help you.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Hello @thegooddealshop,

    Could you be kind to share all code you have added to your wp-config.php file to turn the site into a multisite as well as the steps you took so that we can have a better notion of why this happens and be able to assist you?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Hello @thegooddealshop,

    I may be wrong, however it does not cost much to give it a try.

    Add the following first, and see if it works:

    define( 'MULTISITE', true );

    I hope that helps.

    Hello @mgsnell,

    You are most than welcome.

    Best of luck.

    Hello @lumos, I hope all is well with you.

    Changing sites ID is rather complicated as it will require you to edit the IDs using MySQL and have some skills, however the easiest way to reset the IDs would be to recreate the sites and re-import the content.

    Perhaps this article on Can I change the exporting Blog ID to another site importing blog ID? would be of help for you to get it done quickly.

    I hope that helps.

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