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  • You can too have the buttons and text! Just go to “Slider Options” and select the options for the navigation, title text, and showing the excerpt.

    I figured it out! I feel really embarrassed actually….turns out I was using a ‘n’ for the date when I was supposed to be using a ‘j’ I looked at the wrong symbol when setting it up.

    I thought it was right too because when I double checked it I looked up the wrong symbol a second time. haha D:

    But that’s still weird how it was still displaying older posts at the right date somehow…lol

    — On closer inspection….the dates ARE wrong on my admin. If I view them in edit mode, seeing them individually, they have the correct date. But when I click Posts from the lefthand bar seeing all my posts in a list, it shows them all posted on 11/11. That’s really weird!! I wonder what can be causing this?

    EDIT Oh wait — what I am seeing is YEAR 2011, I guess they are right. But still showing wrong on my site. I hope I don’t need to reinstall wordpress :/

    Yeah, when I view the posts in admin they are all the correct dates. Must be my theme or plugin I will have to dig deeper I guess.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)