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  • To follow up this, I’m still having an issue with order_itemmeta not containing attributes on some orders but I spotted another problem.

    If you use custom attributes, those aren’t shown either.

    eg. create a variable product with a custom attribute “Size” with “Small | Medium | Large”. These won’t be shown in the invoice or delivery note because the code in the templates in print-content.php is looking for attributes with an underscore EXCEPT for those with an underscore in the first character.

    if ( ! ( 0 === strpos( $key, '_' ) ) ) {
        if ( is_array( $value ) ) {

    Non-custome attributes have pa_ prefixed so pa_colour or pa_size is found but custom attributes “colour” or “size” are ignored.

    I’m getting this too. It appears to be missing data in the order_itemmeta table. Is this woocommerce not copying across metadata?

    Julie is correct and it’s a pity you’ve uninstalled this plugin textweaver as it’s doing a fine job.

    That report from your hosting company is from a tool called cxs from which is falsely identifying the signatures of the vulnerabilities that this plugin detects as the vulnerabilities themselves.

    Either, your host should add /vulnerabilities/ into their cxs.ignore file so that it’s not falsely reported OR the plugin developer needs to store the signatures in another way – encrypted? archived? – that doesn’t trigger false positives in any server vulnerability scans that hosting companies do.

    cxs is a very common tool for cPanel based hosting companies to identify exploits as their happening – usually because someone hasn’t kept their WordPress install up to date.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)