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    So, with this update, if a user is logged in via username and password, IP Login will NOT be active?

    We have library customers who want a private username and password to control their subscription settings, and to use IP recognition for their library users to view the content of the site, but NOT have access to the account settings (the username and password).

    In this instance, would we need to set up TWO accounts for each library? One that is username and password access (to view the user dashboard) AND IP access so that the library USERS can view the site content, but NOT access the user dashboard?

    You marked the issue as “Resolved?” Are you kidding me?

    “An optimize command on MySQL does not corrupt data….” Um, there is a link coded in your plugin that, when used, optimizes the MySQL database. When the “optimization” was finished, the database for the plugin was corrupted (all ad data was deleted). So, yes, the optimize command coded into your plugin (different from the optimize command used directly through the CPanel of the website) corrupted the plugin’s database. When I optimized several other databases using the CPanel, none of that data was corrupted.

    “Try setting the advert size to the correct height and width.” What? Prior to the update, the ad sizes were appearing correctly in both dynamic and static modes/groups. I didn’t update the plugin and then resize all of the ads. After I updated, dynamic mode stopped rendering ad sizes correctly.

    With every update to your plugin, it used more and more CPU and slowed down the site. By the final update, the plugin sent numerous database queries and the query monitor indicated the ad tracker crashed and could not be repaired. After several years of using your plugin, I switched to Ad Inserter, a lightweight plugin that is quite easy to configure and does the job perfectly.

    Thanks for providing your plugin and good luck with your product, but there are other, more elegantly coded, banner ad plugins out there now.


    As I said, your support is OUTSTANDING. Certainly everyone makes mistakes, but even after that mistake was corrected, the table rate was not applied when the item rule was triggered by a test purchase. Your team couldn’t get the plugin working on our site/server. This doesn’t mean the plugin isn’t worth buying, it means neither your team nor I could configure your plugin so that three table rates based on item counts worked properly when tested in the Woocommerce shop on our site.

    I hope you consider allowing a 30-day trial version of the plugin so users can test it before buying.

    Thanks, again, for your efforts!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)