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  • I just wanted to share my [site] with everyone. And to give a great big thanks to the creators of WordPress, and all the creators of the hacks, and plugins I used.

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  • Wow. Your blog is beautiful.

    Won’t load up for me, in firefox says operation timed out while attempting to contact your

    Beautifull and original design!!!
    My only critique is that I find it terrible to browse through. It’s rather slow, too many steps to get to where you want to be (or were) and I don’t get a good preview of the picts. This makes it in my case a site that I will probably never visit a second time, despite its looks!
    Hope I didn’t dissappointed you here. Just being honest.

    apart from the bit slow browsing, my deepest respect for the site design and lay-out! But after seeing your portfolio I kinda understand how you can reach this level… but still: splendid job!

    Just want to say thanks for the constructive criticism. It is always helpful either with this site or others. I am not saying this to justify that the site navigation is not good, but it is just my personal site where I blog and share pictures with my family and friends. So having a good navigation is not that necessary verses a site that is used for business proposes. But the next time I have a good chunk of time I will work on that. If you have Ideas as to how to fix it let me know.

    The anonymous was me 🙂 I thought I had loged in, but I guess not.

    It’s working for me, looks pretty good

    Real purdy Zonnah! a most beautiful design. I like it a lot. The minimalism is really nice.

    Had a little think and….

    Seems a shame new images seem to be required for each page in a theme, would it be possible to keep the same ones?? And I think the home page needs more snippets of the whole site content – so that you can navigate in a more informed manner.


    m8rk those are some great ideas, I will defiantly look into it.
    Thanks 🙂

    The comment form really throws off the design [for me] because it seems like it is just stuck in there for convenience. I would either use the pop-up comment form or customize the existing one. If you do customize, because the entire layout is small (meaning it doesn’t take up the entire screen space), condense the font and form sizes so that they do not overwhelm and distract the reader’s attention from your blog entries.

    Good idea I will keep that in mind. Thanks 🙂

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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