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  • I just installed Backup on our site last week and configured it with the defaults plus increased timeout. So far, I have been unable to get a full backup to complete locally. When I run the backup, it logs that it successfully dumps the database and is attempting to save the zip file. That’s the last log entry I get though. When I download the zip file, neither Windows Explorer nor 7zip can open it.

    Here is the log I’m getting:
    Environment: Backup 2.2; WordPress 3.4.1; PHP 5.3.3-7.1+hw2; SAPI cgi-fcgi; OS Linux; ZIP 1.9.1; CURL 7.26.0; Time limit 6000s; Memory limit 256M
    Attempting to dump database.
    The database dump was completed successfully in 72.507 seconds.
    Attempting to create archive ‘’.

    Here are my pertinent settings:
    local folder path: wp-content/backup- <key removed>
    Store a max of 2 backups locally and 10 on Google Drive
    What to backup: Database, Content, Uploads, Plugins
    When to backup: weekly
    Exclude list: .svn, .git, .DS_Store
    Chunk size: 1MB
    Time Limit: 6000 sec
    Retry failed backups: 3 times
    Http Options
    Request Timeout: 60 sec
    SSL verification: enabled
    Enabled Transports: curle, streams fsockopen

    Please let me know if I can provide any more info to help get this resolved.

    Thanks in advance!

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