• With Breeze Cache Enabled on a Cloudways hosting, wp eStore cannot deliver ZIP files (>=5MB), browser pointed to https://www.yoursite.com/?enc_dl_action=process&file=
    will output (and render) incompresible chars instead prompt download of file.

    this is a little extract of output:

    PK#H�LuXd���F�PJ-SC-C.pdf�TeP�ġx��m)V��ݡ8 .��)w(���-V\Cp)�)��{}���=?��3�����a�$�������0P2�=�:P���뽫���������=�F�S�������d��Y�Z�$$�=�<@�؟s���c׸p{��I5��<�R�TX7��V�ȰW=7��LYY4���K)l=L� .R�����m��xUvE�GW�@�C�ƽ���+e0��������(�em�y�����T�:��eٽ oL#��/�\@�ò�w��7-��G�rH”��}Z�B����Z��Y��%A�!��­#�\�:��gu\�w�1�ݤ�m�D�wu��P�5���C�_��>{���wgZ5�K`a���@

    If i disable breeze cache everything is fine.
    I think there is a headers issue.

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    the issue occur while there is conflict between install plugins OR there are some rules add in .hataccess file which create conflict.
    Kindly disable plugins except Breeze and verify the issue as well verify the rules in .htaccess

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