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  • So I’m having a little issue with this theme. I can’t seem to find the author’s support forum related to it so I thought I would see if anyone here has any idea what the images related to the homethumb might not be appearing on the index.

    So anyone using this theme who can give me an idea how they got it to show up

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    Just bumping this.

    In case anyone want to take a peak at the site it is at

    Yes boss I have exactly the same problem. If you get the solution let me know.
    This is the written in the help file,But now working for me in
    So please check & let me know.

    Set thumbnail for posts
    The minipost section and the headlines carousal section of the theme has custom fields enabled to display thumbnail images attached to them.
    1. Go to Admin panel > Write post
    2. Give post title , and write down the content.
    3. Select Add media > Add an image > Upload your choice of image ( size 200px X 120 px )
    4. Scroll down to the Custom field area and set the key name as homethumb ( case sensitive) and enter the name of the image you uploaded in the value field.
    5. Then Add the custom field to the post.


    I am the author of the redux theme. I have included a setup guide in the theme pack which will guide you to get all the aspects of theme up and running smoothly.

    I can see on the post above by johnbablex has quoted the exact steps to enable thumbnails on your posts.

    But before uploading any images, just make sure you have un-checked the upload organizing in month year basis.

    You can do it by going to Admin panel > Settings > Miscellaneous and UNCHECK the organize uploads into month- and year-based folders.

    This is beacuse the path to image is predefined on the theme and month /year variable will break it.

    If you have already uploaded the images, i suggest you upload them once again after this setting is made.

    when you fill the custom field, make sure the key is homethumb and the value is name of the image without extension like .jpg, not the url of the image.

    It should work by now.


    Just installed this theme…having the same problem. I’ve unchecked the month-year folders option, and followed the directions to a tee.

    I’m quite the novice but I’m fairly sure I’m doing everything correctly. My picture is 200 x 120, it’s uploaded, I’m using the same picture in the post as I am in the homethumb key. Is this a problem?

    Any help at all is appreciated. (if that helps)

    Hi pseroogy,

    You have done almost everything right.
    But you entered the homethumb value wrong. You only had to enter the name of the image.
    In your case, enter the value as evridge instead of evridge.jpg. Because jpg extension is predefined on the theme.

    I hope this helps.


    HA! Thank you very much. Glad that was so easy to fix.

    Thanx jinsona
    I had also done the same mistake(.jpg).Now everything is fine.Thanx again

    one more problem guys
    Everything is fine in firefox,but not in IE6
    The sidebar is not properly adjusted in IE6.It is automatically coming down the page.You please check in internet explorer & let me know.please

    whenever i upload a video sidebar comes down & without video everything is just fine what should I do?What is the video standard?

    I am also having issues with homethumb. if you would like to take a look. I have followed all of the directions but no luck. any help would be very appreciated!!

    Hi jinsona

    I have the some problem like others about show the thumbs in the posts. I create a category, uncheck settings exactly you said in your pdf doc but nothing run… The thumb only show in the main windows (the first) but in the others at the front end (Headlines and above) nothing.

    I hope you help us cause this a great theme.


    I’m having the exact same problem and don’t know how to fix it.

    This may be of help though…

    When I’m uploading an image, I’m using a full URL path location to the image as that is the only way I can upload the images. Could this be causing the problem with the thumb images not showing up?

    All other steps were followed exactly from the guide.

    And also, is there a way to remove the “Headlines Today” portion? I can’t seem to figure out how to do it without screwing up the entire theme.

    Yes, I am new to WP theme adjusting, so any help would be appreciated.

    Oh, and I’m using the ZinMag Futura, but couldn’t find a post for that.

    Jinsona – brilliant theme
    I’ve read everything and am following the directions, but regarding this:

    “when you fill the custom field, make sure the key is homethumb and the value is name of the image without extension like .jpg, not the url of the image.”

    I don’t see a custom field, to put the key or value

    When I do the “Add media” there’s “Source” “Image Title” “Image Caption” and “Link Url”

    Or if I go through the manage images, there’s a “title” a “caption” and a “description” field

    Is this because I’m using WP 2.6.2?

    Hello…love the Zinmag Redux Theme as well, but frustrated. Any help would be appreciated.

    3 problems:
    1. For some reason when I write a new Page, it does not appear on the site. It is saved, and published. It shows up as an option on the homepage banner, but after you click on it…Nothing is there.

    2. None of my widgets appear in the sidebars. The are all set and saved, but just don’t show up.

    3. Video/Poplar areas are not working. This might be related to the widget problem?

    Please Help!!

    @ jbells100

    Please install and enable the popularity-contest supplied along with the theme pack. Since it is not installed the theme is not loading completely and cuts off your sidebars and pages.


    Please note that the custom fields are not located in the image management section. It is located in the advanced options ,along with excerpts, trackbacks etc. Just scroll down a bit from your post editor window. You cannot miss it.. It is same for Wp 2.6.2

    For anyone who gets the sidebar drifted down on IE-6, just reduce the featured video width by 5px or 10px. That will do the trick.

    For anymore support issues contact me via

    Plz remember to mention the url of your blog on your support requests.

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