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    We recently migrated our blog to a new host with a new URL name. When I run P3 I follow all the guidelines in the help section that say to circumvent cache plugins (we aren’t running a cache plugin) and use my IP address (I’ve checked it and it matches). I’m still getting zero visits and no data. Do you think I need to manually delete the tables in my db to completely wipe out the older version? If so, what are those tables named?

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  • Plugin Contributor Kurt Payne


    Do you have an object cache drop-in installed?

    You can check this by going to your plugins page, then looking for “drop-ins” at the top of the page, and seeing if there’s an “object-cache.php” file listed. If there is one, can you provide details about it?

    Where do I locate the “plugins page”. The admin? I don’t see any drop-ins setting.

    Plugin Contributor Kurt Payne


    In your admin dashboard, under plugins, then under drop-ins at the top of the page. See this image for reference:

    I don’t have that. I have what’s in this image:

    This must mean that I have no drop-ins?

    Plugin Contributor Kurt Payne


    If you visit the P3 help page, and look at the question “Is my site using an opcode optimizer?”, what does the answer say?

    Your site is using the IonCube loader. This has not been known to cause problems with P3.

    Your site is using the Zend Optimizer. This extension has not been tested with P3. Please report any problems.

    I have no idea how you know so much about this plugin but thanks. I don’t even know where these opcode optimizers came from. I assume Genesis or one of my other plugins. I’m not using a cache plugin. I know that.

    Plugin Contributor Kurt Payne


    By themselves ionCube and Zend Optimizer don’t cause problems, but together they can. I would ask your host if you can disable one of them and try again.

    is it the host that puts them on there or did I by way of a plugin or theme?

    Plugin Contributor Kurt Payne


    Generally, these are put in place by your host. If you bought a premium plugin or theme, they may have included the ioncube loader for you. I have not seen Zend Optimizer loaded by other php scripts, though.

    Same problem here.
    No object cache drop-ins, using ionCube and Zend Optimizer also, but I can’t disable them (installed by the host).

    Any update on how to fix this?

    Plugin Contributor Kurt Payne


    Hi Guy,

    I’m afraid there is no fix. P3 runs as pure php code and uses two ticks and backtraces to profile your site. If you’re loading any extension as a zend_extension, it can see and interfere with opcodes, which will interfere with ticks and backtraces.

    For reference, here’s a similar (but unrelated) bug report on on some of the issues we ran into developing P3 with zend_extensions loaded. The response is nice, but clear 🙂

    Do not file bugs when you have Zend extensions (zend_extension=)
    loaded. Examples are Zend Optimizer, Zend Debugger, Turck MM Cache,
    APC, Xdebug and ionCube loader. These extensions often modify engine
    behavior which is not related to PHP itself.

    Awww, major bummer 🙁
    Thanks for the quick response though.

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