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  1. n20capri
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Finally got thumbnails to display (had to modify the path in the database) but I'm a bit confused on how to get ALL the pictures of a particular album (and it's sub-albums) to display. For example:

    If I don't set any special parameters ([zenphotopress]) then I get thumbs from ALL of my albums and their sub-albums...and I have many albums all with many sub-albums...

    HOWEVER, if I specify a particular album [zenphotopress album=33] then I only get the images in that immediate album - NOT all it's sub albums, which is what I want...

    Any way to do this?

  2. Simbul
    Posted 5 years ago #

    That's how it's supposed to work, actually: when you specify an album you see the album and when you don't you see all the albums.

    I can see why you may want to return all the images for an album and its subalbums, but it's not something as easy as modify a couple of lines of code.
    While I cannot provide you with a complete answer, I can suggest you have a look at the database query built by the get_images() method and at the code for the get_nested_albums() method. You could try applying the concepts used in the former to the latter, to achieve your goal. Both methods are in the zenphoto_bridge.php file.

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