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  • And?
    Please elaborate a bit on this!

    Sorry, I posted this twice.
    I having problems with the majority of themes I am trying to use. I get an error that there is a missing template. Zen minimalist is the latest theme that has given me the error. I am using WP2.0.

    I can’t find the Zen Minimalist theme just now.
    You said you have problems with other themes too.
    Did you make a new install or upgrade from earlier version of WP?
    Did you install all of WordPress into your root folder.

    And are your themes in a “root theme” folder for each under wp-content/themes? That is, a named theme folder, which includes an images folder, the style.css file and the .php files for the theme?

    Sometimes themes get extracted into more than one “layer” of folder, in which case they won’t work properly…. the Presentation page at that point considers them “broken” because it can’t find a stylesheet in the theme root.

    That fixed my problem.
    Thank you.

    I have not touched a style sheet or php for years until I decided to start up this site, and even then I was no expert.

    I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea how to make “zen minimalist” be left aligned of the page. My website is

    There are a few declarations to change in your stylesheet.

    On lines:

    *165 .textarea { width: 400px } change to either a percentage or ems, such as 80% (because 400px is 80% of 500px, which is the width of the content div. However, when you change the width of that div, the .textarea div will also be wider, and will still fill 80% of the content div.)

    *176 #commentform #comment { width: 450px } change to percentage or ems, such as 90%, for the same reasons as above.

    *199 #content { width: 500px } change to 55%.

    *229 #menu { width: 200px } change to 35%.

    *309 #rap { width: 772px } change to 100%.

    Thank you.

    Any time :o)

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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