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  1. kinkythought
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I'm aware of the wordpress-on-zencart plugin, but I have yet to find a solution for making zencart worth *with* wordpress... instead of wanting to run a blog on an ecommerce site, I want to run a shop on a blog.

    The desired setup is this: All "members" of my wordpress blog should also be users in ZenCart. I want the user data and cookies to be shared across the two platforms.

    However, I don't want all registered users on the Zen Cart side to automatically be created as users in WordPress.

    I sort of doubt that the second is possible at all, but is the first part of this even doable? How would I so about integrating cookies between ZenCart and WP?

    If none of that is really doable, is there at least a plugin that will allow the display or some data from ZCart on WP (like bestselling items, newly added merchandise, etc)?

    The only reason I'm using ZenCart is because that is the only inexpensive/free platform that will work with Authorize.net's SIM, and an SSL certificate is just not possible right now. Any suggestions on more user-friendly options would be appreciated.

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