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  • Hi,

    I’m using Zemanta Related Posts Plugin [] on my blog

    It really works very well for me… but I want to change its TITLE Styles… I understand that we can add custom styles using Advanced Settings but how do I edit the Title tag? It’s now using the theme’s H3 tag style and I’m not sure about how to edit it so that I can add a custom style or would like to make it a H5 tag instead of H3.

    Example post:



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  • Hey Mahesh, thanks for reaching out, I’ll gladly help!

    To apply those changes of your title (from h3 to h5), go to your WordPress’s Dashboard, go under the tab ‘Plugins’‘Editor’ and select our plugin in the top right corner. After that, click on the “wordpress-23-related-posts-plugin/init.php” file and find the following code:

    $related_posts_content = $title ? '<h3 class="related_post_title">' . $title . '</h3>' : '';

    And change your classes to the ones you want, so in the end it should look something like this (also — check the screenshot I attached, for easier navigation):

    $related_posts_content = $title ? '<h5 class="related_post_title">' . $title . '</h5>' : '';

    Remember to ‘Update File’ before checking your results! And do let us know how it goes, since we’re eager to hear about the results!

    Take care & have a nice day!



    It worked!! Thanks a ton…

    However I’ve a query… I must make this change whenever I update the plugin, right?

    Or you don’t change this file when you release a new version?

    Hey, glad I could be of any help, to be honest!

    And yes — you will have to apply those same changes every time you’ll update our plugin, I’m afraid to say. We’re sorry about it, but that’s just the way it is — hope you understand!

    In any case — do let me know if you have any more questions or if there’s anything else that’s not completely clear regarding our plugin, since I’ll gladly help!

    Take care & have a nice day!


    Yes, I understand and it’s absolutely fine. 🙂

    In fact I was aware that it was some plugin hack but was not sure about which file to edit and was doubtful about future plugin updates.

    So this is fine. 🙂

    And I just want to confirm one more thing,

    I remember I discovered your plugin many years back when I was looking for a plugin that suggests related posts using “Tags”. So is the plugin uses the tags itself to find related posts or you changed that method?

    Also, does the plugin shows related posts dynamically everytime a page is loaded or it caches the related posts?

    If I’m not showing thumbnails on related posts then will it affect server performance in a big way?

    I’m asking that since HostGator suspended a blog of mine that was using your plugin.


    Well, no, we haven’t changed much, the aggregator works more or less in the following order: title + we add tags & categories that we’ve detected on your blog.

    The related posts that are inserted in your blog posts are fixed / non-dynamical, which means that every user will see the same set of related posts for that particular blog post. You can of course change those with that orange ‘Edit Related Posts’ button just below your related posts section, but that’s just about it.

    Finally — showing or not showing thumbnails should not affect your server performance in any way. But I have to ask — do you have any related posts that are showing any wrong thumbnails? Or are any thumbnails missing?

    Why did the HostGator suspended your blog exactly? We’d love to know more about it, if possible!

    Let me know if you have any other questions or if you need any kind of assistance — I’ll gladly help!


    Well, I’m not showing thumbnails now… because from my tests it showed that the CTR was more or less the same.

    Regarding HostGator,

    they suspended the blog 3-4 times for using heavy server resources.

    And I think.. the first time it happened the reason was your plugin. Because the first recommendation from hostgator is to disable related posts plugin as according to them they use heavy server resources.

    I think they’re right… because in case of WP Related posts… you’re showing related posts directly and for each page the algorithm has to decide which posts to show… and thumbnail generation was another problem.

    So I think I solved the issue by disabling the thumbnials.. but if I use Outbrain or something like that it wont affect server performance as they’re hosted on their server.

    Yes I was using Outbrain the last one year or so… and then recently disabled it and starting using Zemanta once agian.

    Hmm, I think we already had a situation similar to yours and we also resolved that one successfully a while ago. (Now that I think about it, I think it was with WP Engine.)

    That’s why we already improved caching in our plugin, which means that we don’t generate new recommendations every time the blog post is loaded, but only when it is changed.

    As for the performance issue — yes, this could be the case with the thumbnails, but bear in mind that you also have some other plugins installed that might be heavy on your server resources, so when all is summed up, their response is only logical.

    Hope that cleared things up a bit but please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any more questions regarding our service, since I’ll gladly help!

    Take care & have a nice rest of the day!


    Yes, I understand that.. I always try to keep the number of plugins as minimum as possible.

    The recent hostgator issue was for an image heavy blog… and I solved it by optimizing images.

    The image optimization feature in CDN was turned off.. so images were delivering by the server itself.. so I changed that setting and the issue was resolved.

    That sounds great, glad you got your way around the problem, to be honest!

    As always — if you have any other questions regarding our service, please do ask, since I’m here to help!

    Take care & have a nice day!



    Thank you.

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