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  • I’ve got a horizontal link bar just below my menu and want to add a suckfish style drop down box to the first item in the bar “FORUMS” listing my forums.

    I’ve got the look and spacing and the rollover and all that worked out but the problem is in getting the drop down menu to appear OVER the content thats just beneath it instead of below it.

    Now I’ve set the z-index of the content div to 1 and the z-index of every conceivable selector of my dropdown to 2 and it DOES work in firefox (of course) but its not working in IE 6 and I have no clue why that would be.

    Could someone who knows about these things (I’m very new to this) shed any light onto the situation?

    My blog is at

    Is it a floating issue? A “clear” issue?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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