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    Hi there

    What a fantastic, smart plugin! You’re a genius ;D

    I encountered a minor issue that is related to a theme I use.
    It’s navigation uses a sticky menu that shows up once I start to scroll down a page/post. It consists of the main menu (visible on all pages) and submenu that shows up on some on custom post type (CPT) pages. To display your reading progress bar correctly, I applied the offset value in pixels, and it works all fine on regular post/pages displaying only the main menu.

    Unfortunately,m when it comes to the CPT pages, the submenu shows up, covering the progress bar. I assume it would be rather difficult to diverse the offset setting for different types on menu combinations, but I’ve got an idea to apply z-index making the progress bar appearing always on top of the submenu.

    Could to advise what kind of selector, class or ID I should define in custom css to make it like this? Or maybe there is a way to apply different offset setting for the main menu (offset #1) + the main menu + submenu (offset #2) anyway (the most ideal solution)?

    Also, is it possible to apply “Time Commitment” not only to post/pages, but to CPT, just like it’s done for Progress bar’s “Display On”?

    One more time, congratulations on the plugin, I really appreciate your work! 5 stars!

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  • Plugin Author brianmcculloh


    Glad you like the plugin!

    The z-index of the progress bar is 99, so if there is a submenu on your site that appears on top of it, apparently the z-index of it is greater than that. So you should try something higher like 999 or 9999. The selector you want is #wtr-progress so you can try something like:

    #wtr-progress {z-index:9999}

    As for the time commitment on CPTs, I will add that to the update list for a future version, thanks!


    Thanks for superfast reply.

    Ok, I tried out the css you posted, but then – once nothing changed, I discovered that the progress bar isn’t displayed on my CPT pages at all (no trace of it in the source code) – even though I selected the CPT in the plugin’s settings.

    Is there a chance I could send you a PM with credentials to access my site to investigate the issue, please?

    Plugin Author brianmcculloh


    Sure, you can email me at

    Plugin Author brianmcculloh


    We got this fixed over email I believe.

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