• I got an API key and tried to use the shortcode. Custom blocks don’t work with WP Page Builder which we use. However, short codes work great. The documentation on how to find the shortcode doesn’t match the plugin settings for the free version.

    If I can’t get the free version to work, not even considering the upgrade.

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  • Plugin Author Devin Walker


    I agree the shortcode is quite buried. That’s largely because this is now a block plugin first and foremost. Unfortunately, blocks don’t work with most non-block powered page builders. So, I guess if you are reviewing the shortcode then it’s a 1-star… however I encourage you in the future (if using the block editor) to give the block a whirl.

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    If that’s the case Devin then at least for me I’d like to have seen a screenshot or something in the documentation that explicitly showed how to use the block and the shortcode. Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see it for looking.

    Obviously I understand why developers are moving away from shortcode style plugins to blocks, and thats great.

    Unfortunately our website was initially built at the start of last year for us by a “marketing/development” company who chose to use WPBakery. I’m not happy about that, but have to live with it for a few years until it’s time to do a complete rebuild.

    In the interim I’m not a newbie wordpress user, but am not a power user either, I do accounts, payroll and loads of other things for our small business. I’m still messing about with how to include reviews on our website, they are currently and randomly displayed on the FAQ page while we work out what to do. It meant using two plugins.
    Both use shortcodes.

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