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  • hehehe this is my domain which for the first time I’m using wordpress as my blogging device (last time I used b2 which was in a seprate category which I didn’t like) now this time I’m using wp and having loads of fun with all the hacks I’ve been using!!!!!! so cool!!!!
    I love wordpress anywho this site is sort of like my blog/ personal/ collective (whole lotta slashes) so finally here’s my url
    also I don’t want to waste forum threads so
    I also want to show off my class’ site which also uses wp. It’s my classes site so its designed to be sort of a community/ group thing heres the url

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  • It looks well designed. But, i would put a little padding around your text. The text touches the edge in a lot of places.

    I’ll keep that in mind!

    Very cool!
    I agree with the padding issue 100%

    yeah I’m already working on a new layout so I will get the padding issue fix by then thanks for all the suggestions and I am open for link exchanges!

    I like the the color scheme you choosed,and my added opinion is also the padding issue .It should be a little bit wider,and maybe the font related a bigger size,so that the content will display more comfortable.
    But you’ve done a well work!!

    Just like to say that I got a new layout up with all the suggestions you guys gave me! for both pages that is!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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