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  • Hey everyone!

    I get this when i test my website at

    Make fewer HTTP requests F (0) Content High

    Compress components with gzip F (0) Server High

    Add Expires headers F (23) Server High

    I have been looking everywhere. But I don´t know how to fix this. I have W3 total cache installed. Should I still have theese “problems” when I have that installed? Is there a plugin to fix this? Any code? What to do?

    Many thanks

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  • W3 is one of the best, if not the best SEO plugin.
    However, it requires very accurate setting, otherwise, it will not function as required. Please send me a link to your website, so I can see “YSlow” issues and tell me, whether you are on a shared hosting or a VPS?.

    Let’s cover your issues, one by one:
    YSlow provides you SEO tips to reduce page load times. These grades (F) given only indicate that there are available techniques, you haven’t used and hence tips for further optimization. SEO is an ongoing optimization process and there is no one time out-of a box solution. I will be briefing you about some tips and tools.
    YSlow gives you SEO tips for yahoo search engine, while “Page Speed” is google’s, each search engine has its own algorithm of calculating page rank.So you will have different statistics for each one.
    For example,for the first link given,
    your YSlow overall grade is C with score of 71
    your PageSpeed overall score is 94.

    The first step is ensuring that we are utilizing the caching techniques properly, and from examining your page source, the All-in-one plugin should be deleted, as long as w3 will be used.Keep only the ONE SEO plugin that you will be using.

    Ok. All-in-one plugin is deleted!

    To be honoest it´s google that i´m most interested in. And that score is pretty good (I think). But I can improve that to 100%?

    And ofcourse I want the site to be fast!

    What´s the next step?

    Which browser are you using?

    Chrome (I want the site to be fast for the visitors)

    I saw this thing:

    Theme files, media library attachments, CSS, JS files etc will appear to load instantly for site visitors.

    It´s under Generel stetting —> CDN. And if that´s true, i´m interesting in that. You have any tip for that?

    And as you can see I have some social buttoms in the header. theese takes some time for the visitors to load. Can I fasten this up?

    A comment to the social buttoms. If it aint possible to make them load faster. Can you make the header and footer stay “static” (or what´s called) so that when you switch page, you don´t “refresh” them aswell. They are identical in every page.

    The only problem we have now, is that you are taking this too fast.
    Load times is ONLY ONE PARAMETER, what about your meta tags?, these are the tags used by Search engines to identify the relevance of your content to the user search query. If these are not set, even with a page load of 100%, you will not appear in the search query, because search engines don’t know what business are you in. So, with a 100% score you will still not appear in relevant search queries.
    From analyzing your page, neither meta descriptions nor meta keywords are set, how on earth, will search engines know what transmart is doing?

    Go to
    and test “Meta tag analyzer” and you will see it, run all tests to get an overview of what you need.
    But from the meta tags analysis, it shows that you are not using any plugin for that.
    This is the first step, is to inform all search engines on which user query keywords should your appear.????

    Aha okey. I looked on the Recommendations for http://www.trä The 4 most inportent was:

    Large Javascript Size
    Large Image Sizes (I have used
    Libwww-perl Access
    Page Caching Check

    Do you have any idea of how to improve theese?

    And do you have an answer to the question about the social buttoms and the DNS?

    Yes, I do, but the first step is having meta tags, because that’s the thing that will start engines from knowing your site. Each and every page has its own keywords like for example “marketing” “online marketing”, when a user enters in his search query ‘marketing”, search engines prepares a list based on the available keywords provided by websites, THEN their load times and other factors are used in page ranking.
    Loading times are the least of your concerns, for now, see the checklist below to see what is the starting point, then consider optimizing your content, Do you have or use:

    sitemap XML?
    H1 and H2 titles?
    sitemap generator and generate XML sitemaps like twice a week.?
    Ideal Robot.txt File?
    Using rel=”nofollow” Attribute in outgoing or less important links.?
    Proper URL and Title Structure?
    Using Keywords and Meta Description?
    On post page title of post should be written in Heading 1 (H1). and its very important to use your keywords in h2, h3 and h4 if possible?
    Title and ALT Attribute in Links and images?
    Avail WordPress ping facility to get max exposure and inbound links?
    Automatic SEO Plugin for WordPress?

    The tip in bold is the only thing, you have done so far, you could spend your life in optimizing your website and won’t a single visitor if you don’t have the above baseline. And you will discover that even your life is not enough, because the O in SEOs stands for Optimization, and optimization is an ongoing process that never stops
    Consider some reading.
    Good luck,

    I actually got some lecture in SEO. So that h1 and stuff have already been done. But some things in the list abowe was not familiar:

    sitemap XML?
    sitemap generator and generate XML sitemaps like twice a week.?
    Ideal Robot.txt File?
    Using Keywords and Meta Description?
    Avail WordPress ping facility to get max exposure and inbound links?
    Automatic SEO Plugin for WordPress?

    Would you like to tell me how to fix this? Or is it better if I search on google myself?

    I was thinking of speeding the page up first. And than keep going with the h1 and h2, links, keywords etc. (This has already been done, but as you said, it takes a lifetime)

    So it´s the DNS and the social buttoms that i´m interesting in. Is there a way to improve this?

    Many thanks

    Search for Sitemap XML plugin in wordpress plugins, and then submit the sitemap for Google,bing and yahoo for them to know about your website. If you are interested in google, create a webmaster tool in google, one of google services, another in yahoo and bing. There are a number of sitempap xml generators, note that sitemap xml are indexes that list all your content, its the way search engine spiders know about your website.
    If you are interested in reducing load times, you need tools, consider FIREBUG, a browser extension that will be of great help. To get the most of it, the full version is available under firefox, light versions for chrome, .etc are also available, but load time statistics is unavailable.

    if you are interested in speeding up the page, consider using the CDN, an available option is w3total. CDN or Content Delivery Network, for instance, your page makes about 39 HTTP reguests, that means making 39 call for various resources on your website. These 39 calls are done in series, one downloaded after the other, so the purpose of the CDN is to make them downloaded in parallel, which will reduce load time to half.
    You can consider a CDN like amazon Ec , rackspace and so on OR, create a sub-domain like, and configure the w3 to use it as a CDN to keep images and any other resources you like, so when your page load, your page is served from two domains in parallel: and as opposed from one, this will dramatically improve load times.
    The other technique is to reduce the number of http requests, the smaller the calls, the faster it goes. So, for js, instead of loading ten libraries with 10 requests, all of them are combined into one single js file, this is known as minification, it also applies to style sheets, then the 10 requests are now only 1. If you need help on how to minify, don’t hesitate.
    Images are optimized by two main techniques:
    Image optimization for websites
    Sprites, for example, all the social sharing buttons are converted into one sprite, so again, this reduces the http requests from X to 1. There are online tools, where you submit your website, and it checks it out for you.
    Regarding your DNS, am not sure what was the message or tip regarding this, so inform me of the complete description, so I can help you in this matter. Also, on to serve your interest of loading times, consider, this will give a details stats of your webpages.

    I hope this helps.
    Good luck,

    Wow! You are amazing.

    I have installed “xml-sitemap-feed.3.9.1″. But what do you mean with ” submit the sitemap for Google,bing and yahoo for them to know about your website”?

    And the “FIREBUG”. Does it only work for me? Or is it also good for my readers?

    Concerning the CDN. If I have got the thing about CDN right, there are some databases out in the world who makes the sites goes faster for people who´s closer to the database than me? If this is true –> I´m from Sweden, will this help me? I mean, is there any databases in Sweden? Does google have a CDN?

    Concerning minify. I have W3 total cache who makes this for me. Is that enough? Is it possible to makes it any better?

    Regarding the Sprites. I use “cSprites for WordPress”. But I dident notice any different? i use MU-site. Maybe that´s the reason? Or maybe it´s working, but I dident notice any difference? “There are online tools, where you submit your website, and it checks it out for you.” What online tools? Maybe this can check if it is fixed?

    Great answer, thank you!

    Thank you.
    Decreasing the number of components on a page reduces the number of HTTP requests required to render the page, resulting in faster page loads. Some ways to reduce the number of components include: combine files, combine multiple scripts into one script, combine multiple CSS files into one style sheet, and use CSS Sprites and image maps.
    Your page has 24 external Javascript scripts. Try combining them into one.
    Your page has 17 external stylesheets. Try combining them into one.
    Your page has 12 external background images. Try combining them with CSS sprites or image maps.
    Think of your website as a restaurant. There is a total of 53 request from the waiters (your website). You can reduce that to 3-5, saving about 50 requests. One combined file for js (saving 23), one for stylesheets (saving 16). Only these two will save you 39 requests.
    Firebug is a browser extension for you as an admin, to work on your SEO project, it provides. Firebug is the only reason, firefox is still installed on my machine after the evolution of chrome, after you do install it, and check it out, we can continue on this, after the two of us are seeing the same thing.
    I think,Sitemap XML for rss and feeds is different from Sitemap XML generator for your website, am not pretty sure about it. These sitemaps act as an index for your website, and inform search engines about it, and whenever you make an update or add anything new, the sitemap is updated, and then updating search engines. There are two ways of submitting sitemaps for search engines. Manual or Automatic. Both ways, you have to have a webmaster account on them (they are all free), search for google webmaster tools and create an account for your website, this can be integrated with your analytics account.Now, after that you either submit sitemap xml manually, or automatically via a plugin where your enter your username and password and then it automatically submits it to you based on the defined intervals that you specify. Think of it the same way as any google analytics plugin in wordpress, all of them require that you have an account on Google Analytics, where you enter the login credentials and they bring you the data to your wordpress dashboard, the same applies to sitemap.
    Install the firebug on Firefox and create your google webmaster tools, and once you are done, we will continue from there.
    Good luck,

    Ok, I have Firebug now!

    Google webmaster tools – check!

    I used this: and I have added sitemap in Google webmaster tools.

    A question according to this: If I have theese domains:
    Is the sitemap added to all of them? Or only the http://www.trä that I added in the webmasters tool?

    How do I combine files?

    What´s the different between CDN and DNS? What´s best? Can I have both?

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