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  • You don’t need any plugins for youtube embeds, its built in to WP

    I recently had problems with embeds myself, here’s what I had to do.

    To post a youtube vid and have it embed, you paste the link. Done. Normally. Didn’t work for me.

    The youtube link would get wrapped by actual link code. So when I would put

    I would get

    <a href=""></a>

    in the source code, and in my post if I switched over to html view

    So to fix it, I went into html view and erased the wrapper a tags before and after the link. Embeds worked.

    Unfortunately I have to do this everytime I post a video. I don’t post many, so it’s no huge hassle – if someone has a better solution, I’m all for it!

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    Styling the post can toss off the embed, so try wrapping the YouTube URL with an explicit [embed] like so


    That usually works for me without any issue.

    I just tried Jan’s suggestion. It worked, except that all it created was a link to the YouTube video versus embedding the actual video. I’m not sure why pulling the code from YouTube and embedding in the HTML section no longer works for me. Suggestions, PLEASE… the two YouTube videos are critical pieces of the page.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    Is this a new problem, only when trying to add new videos? As I see videos embedded on the page you linked….

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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