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  • hello
    can’t understand why when i embed a youtube video (simply pasting the url in the post) it show up very small in size.
    i have tried to post the same video in another installation and show up correctly.
    don’t to what have changed. the media settings are set to default
    what i can say i s tjat till few weeks ago i used origami themes, and having all media shown up very big i have played around a lot with media.
    now anyway i have move to twenty twelve, and it is like is reading settings from some old stuff..but don’t know where..
    thi is an example

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  • actually, using firebug i have been able to see the eevry video is swown like this
    <iframe width="242" height="167" frameborder="0" src="" type="text/html" class="youtube-player"></iframe>
    so the size is 242 167, which i s different form other insytallation
    the problem is that i don’t know how to use proprerly firebug, and i can’t get to lacate where that code is

    [No bumping, thank you.]

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