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  • Hello!
    Recently there was a problem, that I still can’t resolve.
    When I try to post a YouTube video link, instead of displaying the actual video, there is only a link.
    I tried it with Vimeo and Twitter links, but those work normally.
    Here is the example.

    Thank you.

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    You’re welcome!

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    Is that not on the sidebar? That’s not embeddable by default.

    Also all your post examples have been deleted, so I can’t look at the console errors.

    Did you check your PHP error log? That should include mod_security warnings.

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    Hello Mika,
    sorry, I removed the posts, but here is the new one, with all steps that were suggested here:

    About the sidebar, everything worked even by posting just the URL Interesting thing is, that when pasting Vimeo video, on the sidebar or to the post, it works – see here .

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    Also, is it possible that the fault is on provider’s side?
    Since the problem I made a new database, reinstalled WordPress etc., but nothing worked.
    I tried to insert YouTube video link on the web with different provider, and everything worked normally.

    That really is an odd issue, have you tried contacting them and just asking? Might be a simple fix on their end, hopefully it is.

    Other than what James had suggested I unfortunately can’t contribute anything else.. Such a weird thing, usually embed works fine for everyone else that I see using it.

    Keep us updated, I’m curious myself.

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    Thanks David for replying. Indeed, it is very odd issue, that appeared out of nowhere. I contacted my provider through their live chat, but they said that they don’t know what to do. Because on live chat they might be a little rushed, I will write them mail and see what they respond. If nothing changes, I think I will change the provider.

    Any chance you found a solution to this? I am having the same issue. WP 4.5.3, no plugins activated with theme 2014.

    I am also having the same issue, really odd. I will contact my provider and let you know

    The problem was fixed by my host in less than 24hr and here is the solution/answer from the company:

    The issue appears to arise due to an error of the first external resolvers used by server in resolving domain to ip and confirmed through our wordpress installation on the same server. As the php not used other resolvers from the silence, the requests of the site to youtube result in timeout resulting in the inability video integration, bug undetected only to requests from php to external servers and not in other services such as the mail server the which switches to the next in sequence resolver if the first timeout.

    Hope that helps

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    So I’ve had the same problem for a while, but seem to have found a work around for this bug, that works most of the site:

    The first thing to do is to make sure that the YouTube video link you are using is correct, and is not the ‘/edit?’ link by mistake. For example;

    This is correct:

    While this isn’t:

    Once you’re sure of this, then what has been working for me is to add the EMBED tags around the URL and publish the page. Then go back and edit it, adding the CODE tags around your EMBED tags, and then publish the page again. The video should appear this time, but will have extra padding around it. The final step is to then edit the page again, removing the CODE tags and republishing the page!

    Don’t ask me why this works, but it seems to work for me the majority of the time!

    I hope this works for others too, since I know how frustrating this can be!

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    Hi all,

    I had this problem and solved this with a simple IDEA..
    Let’s say if the YOUTUBE URL IS

    Go to the video url. Right Click on the video and choose COPY VIDEO URL. Then when you paste it you may see a shorturl is generated i.e.

    This short URL is current solution. Paste it in the VISUAL editor and PUBLISH the post/page, try if this works. I hope this will work for sure.


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