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  • Hi.

    I frequently embed different types of audio players in my posts (a music site).

    I’ve been having a problem lately with embedding of youtube videos. The problem seemed to pop up around the time of the last WordPress update, but I can’t be sure that there is a cause-effect correlation.

    The Problem: My html embed language is being converted to youtube shortcode when my system posts a scheduled article. This is a problem, because I have the embed formatted in a way so that the screen barely shows and doesn’t have link-backs, but wordpress is posting it like a huge video screen. Bad.

    Now, when I go back into the post and re-add my youtube embed language, and then manually re-post the article, the embedded youtube player shows up exactly as it should. The only time I have this problem is when I schedule the post and let the system send it live.

    The first thing I did to fix this was disable the Jetpack shortcode function, thinking with the recent update in Jetpack, that perhaps it was causing havoc with my audio players. But now, it completely ignores my embedded audio. Even though it showed the youtube player in the Preview mode, when the system posted the article today, the player was non-existent… the system deleted the code out of my post.

    I haven’t yet tested to see if the same thing is happened with Soundcloud, Vimeo, or Bandcamp audio players.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    P.S. A view of the first page of my site will show you exactly how I want the youtube players to display, just to give you an idea. When the system auto-posted those first two articles, it either posted a huge video screen (as would be seen on the youtube site) or ignored it altogether.

    My Site

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  • If the moderators could please delete this thread, I would appreciate it. It turns out the problem is bigger than I thought, and I’d like to start a new thread with the updated information.


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