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  • Yesterday I updated from 3.2 to 3.2.1. Afterward, almost all of my video embeds stopped working. I had previously embedded YouTube, Dailymotion, etc, using the URL on the html tab in the content area. I had run all previous updates without problems. I cannot figure out why a few YouTube are still working, but 90% are not.

    I found this previous post regarding a similar issue with a 3.1 upgrade:
    I did not have issues with 3.1. Also, this is marked “resolved,” but it seems open.

    I have reviewed this page:, and have confirmed the Auto-embeds are set in the media subpanel.

    I tried downgrading the installation using my backup, but it did not resolve the issue. I also tried deactivating plugins with no luck. I am using a child theme of Twenty Ten.

    I am looking into using a plug-in as a work around, but I will most likely have to have to change the embed info for 100+ videos. Plus, it will make me dependent on a plug-in.

    Has anyone else run into this? Is this scheduled to be resolved in the future?

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  • Having the same issue. Can’t embed with the url as I used to.
    Surprised basic regression testing didn’t expose this bug.

    I restored a backup to downgrade to 3.2. I have also disabled the visual tab and am only using the HTML tab. My existing links are still not embedding. If I create a new post or re-publish a post with a link, it is embedding. Hopefully they will stay this way since I’ve run into some problems where they would embed temporarily, then switch.

    Messel, if you try turning off the HTML tab, can you tell me if it makes a difference for you? The option is under Users, Your Profile.

    Thanks, Francesca

    My youtube videos embeds perfectly, make sure to insert the correct link

    for exmaple

    Correct link :

    Wrong link :

    I am having the same issue. I have tried multiple different things and all result in blank space where the embedded youtube video should be. Any helpful advice would be appreciated.

    I had trouble until I pasted the youtube code directly into the html editor without going through the “insert video” button. Now it’s fine.

    Same issue for me when creating a new post after updating to 3.2.1 Thankfully, all my previous videos posts are showing.

    The only way I got around the problem was using Viper Video plugin which I had stopped using since the native WP support came in.

    I am having the same problem. The video shows up on the individual posts just fine but the main page displays the url and no video.

    Please Fix!

    Same here all oembeds now show as black text. Any help on this matter would be hugely appreciated.

    I believe youtube changed how you embed their videos ,my links look like this

    No the same thing happens with vimeo links

    No idea then , all my videos work but I just inserted them with html into my php child theme.

    A quick update to my original post. Reverting to 3.2 did not resolve the issue. Sometimes the video would appear as embedded, other times I would see the link, even on the same post. Ultimately, after trying many things that were not successful, I did a full export of my site, did a clean installation of WordPress 3.1 and imported into the new installation. Of course, I had to re-install my theme and plugins. All of my video embeds are back to working. I plan to not upgrade from 3.1. It seems odd to me that this issue keeps popping up unresolved.

    Same problem here running WordPress 3.2.1. My old posts that already had videos embedded simply by using the “Video URL” field still work, but now when I use that field for my YouTube or Vimeo videos, the video link gets posted to the top of my blog post without the video.

    Is this a known bug that is being worked on?

    OK guys, here’s a long shot, but here’s how I got mine to work.

    I’m new to this whole thing, and 3.2.1 is all I know, so not having video is BAAADDDDD. I am using youtube (just because) and I found a plug-in strictly for you tube and it works. It does have bugs, but I simply deleted out the string of code relating to the php file and input in question (had to do with the cache), and no more error messages. Will my video possibly crash? Maybe, but at least it works for the time being.

    Here’s the link to the site. Pretty decent explanations, however, this seems like something to put into the HTML part. It isn’t, oddly enough. I was really skeptical, but it gives you a tiny Youtube button on your options bar during a post, and when you click it, it gives you bracketed youtube paremeters. Insert your direct video link between the two parameters, and viola! A working You Tube video.
    Oh, and it may delete out your post, so play with it BEFORE you type. Luckily for me, mine was pre-typed in Microsoft word, otherwise I;d be pretty ANGRY.

    All these Word Press quirks make me happy that I went to all the work to code my main site by hand 🙂


    PS – here’s the link to show you what I’ve come up wth:

    Don’t make fun of it, lol, I’m new to ALL of this, and it’s a miracle I’ve gotten THIS far!

    How many people with this problem are using the Jetpack plugin? I discovered today that the embedded video players on our site had suddenly become invisible, and I was able to fix the problem by deactivating Jetpack.

    Jetpack disables both Vimeo Short Code and Artiss YouTube Embed, under WordPress 3.2.1. This clash was only apparent after I updated WordPress to the latest version.

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