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    Upgraded today to 3.1 and when adding a YouTube embed code the video does not show.

    Prior to upgrading, I have added 100’s of embed codes to the same blog without a problem.

    Can you help?

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  • Youtube videos are working for me using:
    the visual editor,
    [embed] shortcodes,
    the upper link of the video (the one that contains the word “watch”)
    and breaking the link using the button “unlink”

    Im Also seeing a link not a video

    Iv tried taking out link putting it back in, iv tried getting updated short code from the option to :Share: in YouTube but i too just get a you tube link sitting in my post.
    above the post range from 6 to 1 month ago…has anyone fixed this or worked out what plug in to use. i have over 140 post so i really dont want the task of going into each one with a video and having to re do all my links i just want my you tube video URL to embedd as it always that an option or we have to update the link in someway?

    ive tried “you tube pro” plug in and “Kw you tube” both not fixed this problem.


    It’s very weird here, while in the homepage, I can play the embedded video from the teaser link of the post. But when I open the post itself, the content doesn’t embed the video. I’m using own theme.

    Ok long stories short, instead of trying to embed or go through media uploader – just copy the URL from YouTube and Paste it between the text, do nothing else and save. It works!

    They have made it simpler but forgot to take credit for it! That is all

    I’m having the same problem with the embed in widgets BUT only when the width is below 400px and it only affects android mobile devices.

    I just had to deal with this issue too, today.

    The soultion I found:
    there are two URLS on a YouTube page under the SHARE button; one is short and one is long.

    this will not work

    this will work

    look for the tiny OPTIONS down arrow under the SHARE short link. Hit the arrow, and check LONG LINK. Post in the VISUAL editor hooorah!

Viewing 6 replies - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)
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