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    Upgraded today to 3.1 and when adding a YouTube embed code the video does not show.

    Prior to upgrading, I have added 100’s of embed codes to the same blog without a problem.

    Can you help?

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  • same here.. can’t see any youtube or other embed objects in my editor :/

    Why are you trying to add their embed code? WordPress has supported built in embeds since version 2.9.

    Just do this in a post:



    I use the old embed code because I customize both the size and color of the player to match the blog colors.

    nice one thanks otto!
    but I always change the size, like pictures…

    You can change the size. Read closer:

    You cannot change the color, admittedly.

    If you really want to use YouTube’s embed code and modify it and such, then switch to HTML mode to put in the code. The Visual Editor never has accepted HTML code in the Visual mode.

    videos or other objects looked like this, before the update
    but thanks for your effort, though.

    Thanks for the link Otto.

    I have always used the HTML mode to insert the YouTube embed code and have been aware of the WP support for adding videos.

    However, what I don’t understand is why the option to use the YouTube embed code has disappeared with the upgrade. As I mentioned, I have done this hundreds of times without problem.

    This morning I added a post without problem before upgrading; then upgraded ten minutes later and now the embed code will not work in the HTML mode. A blank block shows where the video should be with the dreaded red x in the upper left hand corner.

    I checked my code because I do modify it to match my desired size and color. I tested the code off site and everything worked fine. Add the code to the site and it does not work.

    I’m thinking there was possibly an upgrade error although the upgrade stated that it went well. If it was an upgrade error, I would like to know how to get back to 3.0.5, or how to try and upgrade again.

    I have over 200 videos on the site – all the same size and perfectly matching the sites colors. I would like to keep it this way.

    zasmagazine – That looks like a flash problem, actually…

    MovieMemories – in HTML mode, you won’t see any blank boxes (unless you mean on post-preview).

    I just tossed the YouTube embed code into a post and it worked fine. Ditto a CNN video. Is that particular video embedable?

    whatever 🙂 I have to accept it the way it is =) thanks

    Thanks for the reply Ipstenu

    Yes, the box shows in the post-preview and the Visual Editor and the video was embedable. I had tried it off site and it worked fine.

    I don’t know what the problem is, but I have been able to get around it using the Smart YouTube plugin. It allowed me to also match the color I wanted.

    Looks like I will stick with using the plugin and continue to try to figure out what happened.

    I thank you all for your efforts to help and if anyone can suggest what may have happened, please do.

    You’re not switching back and forth between HTML and visual are you? Cause that way lies madness.

    Just to reiterate and clarify the problem.
    Previously when entering the the embed code into the html tab
    and switching back to the visual tab we would have seen this
    so we could use our cursor on the red outline to reshape it to the dimensions of our whim.
    but now when switching to the visual tab we see the actual youtube video embedded with no way of altering its dimensions

    and yeah switching back and forth between html and visual tab does make us go a little mad well me atleast!

    i have been using wordpress for over 3 years now, cannot understand why in heavens name they would take out this feature?

    my site depends heavily on flash media, and so we need to be able to edit the size (and colour) of the media we input. How does it make any type of sense to take this feature out?

    Biggest mistake i made was upgrading.

    I enter hmtl code in to the ‘html’ tab. When I switch back to ‘visual’ – nothing appears. I post or preview the post and the video appears (wrong size as I’m no longer able to edit it in the visual tab’).

    A disgrace.

    Everyone – DO NOT switch between visual and HTML. It has always been buggy.

    This has ALWAYS been buggy, never recommended, and always a pain. Just stick to one.

    The video embedding function has ‘not been finished’ for 3.1. I have successfully reverted to 3.0.5 by following this procedure:

    get the previous version you were running, then unzip it … copy everything but the wp-content folder to where ever your WP folder/files are … and when you go to open your site-admin it may tell you it needs to do a database update click ok to that and bam every thing is back up and running.

    Video embedding is back and I have been through my site quite thoroughly, and have no residual problems.

    And I’ll wait for v3.1.5.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 51 total)
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