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  • I have WordPress hosted on my domain and was using the Stats prior to the upgrade to 3.1 and some other changes.

    Now, I am seeing the message:
    Your account, transitionvillage is not authorized to view the stats of this blog.
    The blog, is of course, my transitionvillage blog.

    Sorry to say, I am somewhat confused, and perhaps you will be too, but here goes…

    My email address is
    My site domain is
    I log into WordPress at using my account called “admin”, which appears in the upper right corner.

    Now, when I installed the plugin, it said I needed a account to use it. So I registered my email address I would have preferred to use the username “admin” but got kind of pissy about that, so I registered “transitionvillage” as the username for this email address.

    I then picked up an API key and dropped it in on my hosted site, per the instructions to install the plugin. I seem to remember stats working prior to the 3.1 upgrade, thinking how nice it was to see stats just like some blogs I run, prior to starting this venture into a hosted WordPress. Or perhaps I had not noticed the current issue; I cannot time travel to confirm.

    Now however, I login to my hostedwordpress blog at and instead of seeing the expected site stats on my dashboard, I get this complaint “Your account, transitionvillage is not authorized to view the stats of this blog.”


    Note: My account is “TransitionVillage” not “transitionvillage” or perhaps case sensitivity is not an issue.

    Now, the last part here is that I log into TransitionVillage on and tell it that is one of my blogs.

    On THAT blog, looking at Site Stats, I have the option to choose which of my blogs for which to see stats. When I choose my hosted from the pulldown widget in the upper right, I get…

    You are not a member of this site.

    If you have just installed the Stats plugin, this error probably appeared because the API key entered in the plugin belongs to a different user account.

    The owner of the API key must visit this site’s stats page to grant access.

    You are logged into as transitionvillage. To switch accounts, log out.

    Now, THAT’s FUNNY because, this is the account I established to get the API key. THIS would have been a nice explanation on my hosted WordPress site where I got the terse message described above. Nevertheless, somethings is mucked up. I also verified the APIkey is the same on this account and is configured the same in my hosted account, as described earlier in my post.

    Did this ever work before? Yes, I just verified. Not time travel, but I see I posted about this plugin previously, when I first tried to install it.

    So, what is hosed up? And more importantly, how do I get the plugin working again on my installation of WordPress?


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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