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  • Hey guys,

    Today I discovered that over LTE as well as a local Starbucks wifi, on separate devices, I cannot access your website.

    I discovered this after the past week or so of being unable to use WangGuard on a site it’s been installed on for a couple years because of this error message:

    “The key below was previously validated but a connection to can not be established at this time. Please check your server configuration. Try to deactivate secure connection to WangGuard API. Go to WangGuard Settings and Disable secure connection to WangGuard server using SSL / TLS. After that Save Options, and save the API Key again.”

    My site is getting fake registrations left and right since it’s been deactivated. Please help!

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  • Same problem, I had to disable sign ups.

    WangGuard Connection Error

    Please help

    Well, the alternatives would seem to be

    • Find another plug-in that does the same
    • Find another service that can be called from Wordpreess with some work
    • Build a similar plug-in or service yourself or ourselves
    • Find another developer, or group of developers, willing to make a similar plug-in or service to fill the void.
    • As an extension to the development choices above: Start a new multi-stage campaign for financing development of a new plug-in concept with the same features as Wangguard and start development. None of the money should be able to get touched before the promised development had started. Some may be held until completion.
    • Contact @jconti and see whether there is a chance he can be persuaded by a body of supporters and backers to bring back Wangguard in some form or another
    • Ask @jconti about whether he’d contemplate releasing Wangguard as open source or otherwise co-operate with the community

    Sounds like WangGuard might be dead? From their site:

    I paid (with a great effort) another month of one of the servers. In October 20th, I won’t be able to pay the bigger server. I’m making this effort, trusting the success of the Indiegogo campaign. Soon, I will post the campaign link and I hope that all users of WangGuard make a donation no matter how small it is. In other case, I will be forced to close down WangGuard definitely.

    Thanks so much to everyone for your support, please spread the word about #SaveWangGuard…

    Tried several plugins. WP-SpamShield seems to be working nicely as an alternative.

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