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  • I’m installing WP for the first time. I’m interested in hearing from different people what you consider your top 10 plugins and in particular what you consider the “must have” plugins. From past experience with other scripts I’m especially interested in Administrative but basically anything you think is kewl or important.


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  • Kinda like asking everyone what their 10 favorite cars are. They’ll be a huge variety of lists.

    Since the search feature is on the fritz, this thread will probably survive, but there have been NUMEROUS threads on this subject.

    I’ll add though, in the current climate, any list should be headed by Akismet, Spam Karma, and Bad Behavior (or some combination of the three).

    That’s fine with me. Get a bunch of diverse lists of 10 and a lot of them say the same thing with regard to 1 or 2, then that’s a good indicator that something is widely regarded. So what is your top 10?



    I’d have to say Spam Karma for sure, cause not having a spam protection plugin is like walking into a lions den wearing a steak suit.
    Sidebar Widgets is another must have.
    My own plugin, Edit N Place, because it lets you edit your blog post on the front page of your blog.
    Ultimate Tag Warrior for all your tagging needs.
    And although technically it’s a theme, K2 is another must have in my opinion.

    – Sean

    not sure if this plugin is still around, but I use it on WP 1.5 and I think it qualifies in the ‘kewl’ category…

    Headline Images
    “Replaces Post headlines with PNG images of text, from ALA’s Dynamic Text Replacement. Includes soft-shadows, improved configuration, and previews. Configure on the Headline Images Configuration page. By Brian “ColdForged” Dupuis.”

    Dgold, that plugin still works, but the download site is gone. I’ve seen a different version of the same concept that is supposed to be better in the sense that it doesn’t require editing template files.

    I’ll look for the link.

    edit link

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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