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  • Just wondering if i’m the only one having troubles with this combo?

    I think the bbPress is a great product and i love how it works only i found some Glitches when i use it in combination with a WP MultiSite.

    My Errors..
    – Redirecting Error that are very difficult to understand.

    (Root – homepage and first site in network)
    (1) http://localhost.sites/

    (Second page in network – has the bbPress plugin activated and only used as a forum)
    (2) http://localhost.sites/

    When i’m at url (2) and i log-in or log-out i get this redirect.
    Which leads to a 404 of course!

    But when i’m on this (2) url but when i’m on a topic or forum page like this.
    And i log-out there is nothing wrong every thing works correct.


    Signing up..
    Why did bbPress made a User_Register page template ?

    I have just activated it and visited the page fill out a Username + Email and pushed sign-up!
    But for some reason it leads me to a White typical WordPress install wp-signup.php page where i need to fill out the same data again before pushing ADD again.

    Thats very strange and i don’t think thats the right way how it should work.
    Nobody would like to fill out some date twice before signing up on a website.

    Just wondering if somebody else also has those same kinda or some other WPMU problems.
    If so post them here maybe we can help each other.

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