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  • Shane Pearlman


    Modern Tribe

    We have had numerous people email us over the last few months to thank us for the hard work and suggest that we should do the events plugin as a premium plugin. They would gladly pay (and they did through donations). Their main point was that if this isn’t an after hours effort, we can put more energy into moving it forward and keeping it stable.

    Both Scott Berkun’s and Matt Mullenweg’s presentation at wordcamp Sf cemented my perspective that the future of wordpress plugins will lie in well build and well supported plugins. User need to have confidence and our accidental 1.6 release really underlined that fact. I am convinced that financial viability will be what allows the supported part to succeed.

    On the other hand, I like the free, volunteer, help your brother wo/man part of this project. Its nice having a project that is not an obligation. I like being able to ignore support requests that don’t inspire me or that are really problems caused by lack of theme knowledge or poor plugin architecture from other free plugins =). Life has enough responsibilities.

    Ultimately though, if this sucker doesn’t pull its weight financially, we may maintain and work on it arbitrarily, but we will never be able to give it serious focus and make it a priority.

    THE QUESTION: what do you all think we should do? Whats more important to you as a user? The free part of the plugin, or the stability and new features (in exchange for $)?

    I’m sitting here, late at night chewing my cudd, trying to decide if I really want to start a third company (service company, realestate company) doing a wordpress plugin product.

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  • If you’re wondering if there’s business possibility for premium plugins, I think that with the coming release of WordPress 3 and the already budding premium theme marketplace, there will definitely be a market for premium plugins.

    For a client site that has a need requiring specific functionality, I would feel more confident in using (and paying for) a “premium” plugin to handle that requirement rather than hunt and peck for the right one to use. More often than not when I have had to hunt for plugin functionality, it results in time wasted.

    I think for a plugin to be “premium”, it has to do one thing extremely well and not upset the WordPress apple cart too much.

    For instance, the Gravity Forms premium plugin– That is the first plugin I have purchased a license for after using almost every other contact form plugin the WordPress community ever created, in addition to integrating Wufoo forms into client sites. Now it’s my go-to plugin for forms when I am setting up a new client site.

    I would gladly pay for other premium plugins that similarly handle or modify WordPress’ user/role/permission model. That is another reoccurring client need.


    You might want to consider offering two versions. A free version that allows for the most basic functionality (i.e. posting events only), and a premium version that comes along with all of the doodads (including support which can be activated during product registration). If you don’t get the premium version, you’re on your own.

    I’m relatively new to WordPress. I love it, but part of my love for it is that it hasn’t cost me anything to tinker around and get started. Had your plugin been a premium one, I likely wouldn’t have tried it and would have settled for another free, albeit sub-par version. Perhaps just a trial version is a possibility as well…


    I’ll support a freemium business model.
    But please keep a clear roadmap to your users


    Shane Pearlman


    Modern Tribe

    Thanks Folks. Keep the thoughts coming. We had a good meeting today with the crew and have decided to sit down and put together a business plan to see if this would be a viable business for us.

    I like your plugin once I figure out how to use it…Actually I’m still figuring it out (my nextgen header slideshow disappears in the calendar templates). So for all the work that I’ve had to put into it I would not buy it.

    If the plugin was easier to use, ie: there was a shortcode that is easy to plugin into a page and I don’t have to mess around with code or templates, if it offered a way for users to submit their events, the event submissions were monitored, had color-coded event categories for the calendar, and the layout was easy to customize – in other words if you have the calendar of my dreams 🙂 I’d consider a premium version. But like someone else said you should still offer a basic freemium version of it. Some people don’t need all the features.

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