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  • I just installed WordPress today, Mon, Feb 4, 2013, and was going through the “Customize Your Site” options. I’ve not yet selected any of the themes; nor have I added any plug-ins. I’m completely bare bones at this point. I was able to successfully change my site title and tagline. But when i selected a 1.5 MB image I uploaded for my background and hit Save & Publish, the session expired. In order to STAY logged back in once this happens (which has been over a dozen times now), I have to completely close whichever browser I’m using (this happens on both IE & Firefox). I then don’t know if I need to, but I clear all my cache, cookies, hitory, as have many other users. I figured there was a problem with the image i was trying to use for the background, so i removed it . But the same session expiration occurs when i use WordPress’ own background colors! My under-development site is It’s pretty dismally blah looking right now as a result.

    I’m really disappointed. I’ve heard so many good things about WordPress and have spent hours studying tutorials, so i could be up and running. But I can’t even get out of the starting gate! Please help!

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  • What is your web hosting ? Is it a recommended WP host.
    Secondly, are you using powerful anti-virus for PC like Norton which you should.
    I suggest you ask the hosting company about it .
    And one more thing, your site must be on a Linux server.

    Thank you for replying. I’m using iPage — not sure if they’re on Linux. Not one tutorial I went through indicated this was mandatory. Plus I installed WordPress directly from/thru iPage, so I can’t imagine WP wouldn’t run on their platform.

    I use ESET NOD32 AV 4. The virus signature db is current.

    When I logged into WP just now I noticed this new message under incoming links that may be part of the problem:

    “RSS Error: A feed could not be found at A feed with an invalid mime type may fall victim to this error, or SimplePie was unable to auto-discover it.. Use force_feed() if you are certain this URL is a real feed”

    If this is part of the problem, is there a simple way to resolve it? I’m not a programmer and have only cursory familiarity with HTML — so maybe WP is not the vehicle for me to use in building my sites. It’s been a decade since I created/maintained engineering websites and that was using NetObjects Fusion. On this go-around, I was looking for something simpler, which I’m hoping WP still is.

    Again, my site (under development) is:

    I’m having the same problem geatchlk as are many on the forums it seems and as yet I havne’t come close to a solution……..I’m at the bare page stage of building my website and whenever I try to use or change anything I just get the session expired box up and no sooner I re-enter the login details it comes up again so it’s literally rendering the whole site useless….I’m hosted by FatCow and installed WP from their so you’d expect it would at least work on a bacic level …I’m so frustrated and disappointed …I paid a couple of hundred dollars for the hosting and it just seems a total waste of money and time I have to add. I’ve tried all the things I’ve read on the forums to no avail……and I’m a novice in terms of internet “speak” so it’s quite baffling at times…..I just want to find someone who can tell me in a simple step by step way how to fix the problem…..not in all the complicated jargon that they take for granted the everyone knows…..but seems impossible.

    I feel your pain, OzzieMoose (interesting name 🙂 ) But this issue has ended up being not nearly as bad as I originally thought. I’ve discovered that even if it appears that I’ve gotten booted out (and this only happens when I’m in the “Customize Your Site” section,) everything still publishes. And it doesn’t really time you out, after all. Nonetheless, if you try to log back in from that Customize section, whatever glitch this is will keep you in an endless loop. I’ve been able to use the back button to go back to the dashboard, and I’m still logged in. Alternately, you can close your browser, re-open it, log back into WordPress. Just stay out of the “Customize Your Site” section altogether. You don’t need it to build your site.

    You have to remember that WordPress is an Open Source platform. It’s basically a dynamic conglomerate of brilliant minds who continually collaborate on this powerful and FREE program. None of them are being paid for their contributions unless it’s by direct donation or indirectly through some other service they offer. That’s why the support is in the form of this type of forum, requiring a bit more involvement on the part of the users. And since the rest of WordPress works so beautifully, there’s probably no one person who wants to focus on this particular bug.

    Because you’re a novice to this, as I was, I highly recommend you subscribe to something like This is a great tutorial service that charges only $25/mon (no contract) and covers many dozens, if not hundred, of different subjects. The WordPress Essential Training course, taught by Morten Rand-Hendriksen, is awesome. It’s taken me from novice to intermediate in just a couple of weeks, and I’m only about 2/3 of the way through. It takes time but will empower you to build the kind of site you want.

    If you don’t have that kind of time, you may want to bypass WordPress and go with a Weebly type drag and drop builder that most web hosts offer. Good luck to you!

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    If you need further support than that provided in this thread, may you create your own thread?

    Thanks geatchlk…..There is heaps of useful information in your reply which I will endeavour to undertake…….and it’s encouraging to hear you say that “the rest of wordpress works beautifully” because having struck this problem so early in the process I was seriously wondering if I should forget WP altogether but will press on thanks to your comment……and sorry if I appeared to be slagging off everyone in general :)…..I do understand the voluntary effort that goes into the site because I’d read that but was just venting my frustration at the complexity of finding what appears to be a simple answer……especially after five days of “brick-walling” and not being able to even get to square one.
    Thanks again…

    Thanks Andrew………I couldn’t find how to begin a new thread earlier on….that’s why I posted on this one…..but that has been beneficial as I wrote in the previous post to geatchlk………and if need be I will go back to your link if I want to do a new thread in future….

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    if need be I will go back to your link if I want to do a new thread in future….

    In future, don’t wait until you feel you need to. Just create a new thread to discuss your issue. I’m reinforcing this because your comment sounded like you dismissed it, “if need be”. The need is there from the start.

    Hi Andrew, Just wanted to let you know that I did create a new post when i was experiencing this problem and got only one reply back, and it was from another member, Adamstar. While i appreciated his response, none of his suggestions for why I was having the problem were even remotely accurate, and i replied back accordingly. Never heard another word from anyone until Shane’s post above.

    From everything I can see, this is a glitch in WordPress’ Customize Your Site section. To minimize further potential frustration with new users, is there not someone volunteering behind the scenes with WP who can either remove the Customize Your Site link or fix it?

    From everything I can see, this is a glitch in WordPress’ Customize Your Site section. To minimize further potential frustration with new users, is there not someone volunteering behind the scenes with WP who can either remove the Customize Your Site link or fix it?

    Everything there seems to work for me in Twenty Twelve, so maybe that has something to do with how certain themes interact (or do not) with the WordPress core…and I can see how impossible it would be for the Codex Team to anticipate every option every user might want every theme to have available there.

    The problem is not with WP core – there are thousands of people and sites running it with no problems at all. That said, if you have a problem with it, there are any number of causes – and we try to help identify and solve those – but since this forum is entirely staffed by volunteers, unfortunately, we don’t always get to everything. I’m sorry that’s been the case here. It also works much, much better for only one person at a time to be helped per thread.

    @geatchlk – have you asked iPage for help with this problem – quite a few other threads on these forums have reported problems with their hosting.

    @ozziemoose – can you start a new thread if you need help?

    WPyogi….I did start a new thread on Andrew’s recommendation…..the reason I didn’t in the first place was simply because I couldn’t work out how to…I’m a novice…. but since geatchlk seems to have an identical problem I can’t see why this thread won’t help both of us anyway …but thanks for taking time to reply……cheers

    Andrew I did post a new thread after your recommendation……I didn’t dismiss it…sorry if it sounded that way…when I made the comment “if need be” I was referring to first trying the detailed advice that geatchlk gave me and if after trying that I was still at a loss …then I would post a new thread……cheers

    I don’t see any other new threads under your user name – did you use another name?

    WPyogi you mentioned quite a few people have had trouble with hosting from iPage…..have you heard any problems with FatCow?..(who I’m with)…I did have a lengthy chat with one of their support guys a few days ago but all he could suggest was trying firefox instead of Explorer…cheers

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