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  • I had sent a message via your contact form in the support area of your site recently. I had described the problem I had with All-in-One SEO and you simply wrote back that I “should try it…its free.” While I like the free part just as I liked that about All-in-One, your program doesn’t do anything more for my site than the other…PLUS…yours limits me much more on characters for the meta description and appears to allow me only one keyword in which to describe all the 8 different products on each product page. My biggest issue is that I cannot enter different title, description and keyword information into each separate product page containing 8 completely different products from the page before. I should have the ability to write different descriptive titles, meta descriptions and multiple keywords and/or phrases for each page.

    What happens instead is that when I enter all the information for page 1 it’s fine for the moment. When I go to the second page and attempt to enter different titles, descriptions and key words for that page different from the page before, the information on BOTH pages change to the information which was entered on the 2nd page. Then, to test that it will continue in this manner, I go to the 3rd product page and enter different title, description and keyword information based upon the different products on page 3 from the other 2 pages. What happens then, is that all the information previously entered for the last 2 pages changes to that of what was entered for the 3rd page and on and on…so, in effect, I can’t enter different information with your program any more than I could with All-in-One for my situation. While I have a blog on my site, it is primarily a store and every product page will be completely different from the last. It appears as though ALL of my 250+ product pages have been lumped into ONE primary product page!

    I don’t know if giving the website URL would help anyone to see what’s happening in this case, but it’s: if someone would like to take a gander.

    Sorry for the length…I wanted to be a specific as possible to eliminate any confusion. 🙂

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