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  • I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to get interesting news to my blog. I use Bloglines to read the RSS feeds that I have subscribed to. Much of the news is not of extreme interest to me, but there is a small percentage that I’d like to send to my WP blog as “News that I found interesting”. Bloglines allows you to take the individual stories and add them to your Bloglines account blog. Is there a way to get these posts to WP. Using the RSS feed for your personal blog seems to be the answer but I haven’t been able to read that feed. In some ways Bloglines is so goo and others so buggy!

    Does anyone else have any good ideas on how to summarize you favorite news from all the feeds you track to your WP blog?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Search here for CG-FeedRead – I haven’t got the url handy.

    That FeedRead is probably worth a shot.

    I use Carp on my blog, which is probably overkill.

    I pull feeds from sites I find interesting to create a sort of “home page” for myself:

    I’ve used CG-FeedRead in the past, and it works a treat!


    I’ve had a few successful ventures into RSS feeds. Thanks for the additional seeds.

    I guess that the Q I’m more interested in is the whole process. How do folks read, filter/summarize, then get the summary to their blog, of their favorite RSS feeds..

    I’ve looked a bit further into NewsGator Online. They seem to be able to read feeds, then “clip” the posts of interest. The “clips” folder can be RSS’d. I think that may be my solution for now, but I’m all ears for other methods.

    Ohh hey kayaker, I didn’t realize that was your post too.

    To set up a “Master/Main” blog using Carp, that gathers posts from the “subblogs”, here is what you would do … note, this may take a little work:

    1) Set up all your blogs
    2) Install Carp to the “Master” blog (note, this “Master” blog doesn’t even really need it’s own database, in fact, it would be harder if it had one).
    3) Now read this page on Carp site telling you how to “mix” all the feeds together, to output them based on date (assuming this is what you want).
    4) You may or may not want to change your WP settings to output the entire Post, and not just a summary, for it’s feeds.
    5) If you do 4, you may want to make a copy of wp-feeds file, and tweak it … and tell Carp to use this file … other people would continue to use wp-feeds and get just the summaries, not the full posts.

    That’s an outline.

    Carp can also filter feeds based on keywords.
    See example here:

    Finally, as an adendum …
    With this sort of setup, when people are on the “Main” blog, and click the post link, it will take them to the “subblog” … hopefully this is o.k.
    Getting around this would be harder work.

    Just like my feeds page takes you to the BBC or where ever.

    Note, i just have mine setup to output just the headline , not the summary.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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