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  • I, like many others here in the forum have had a problem with the visual editor working. Also, I have had a problem with the quick reply comment box not showing up and some features of the dashboard not working (Firefox 3.0.4 and later on 3.0.5) and only partially working in IE 7

    I finally did some investigation and used Firefox’s error console and for some reason always came back to this error

    syntax error
    _block_windowOpen(); function () (

    with the error pointing to the two parenthesis after “function”

    I googled and researched the xpopup.js (located in c:windows) and came across numerous forums that talked about “” and came to discover that many personal firewall programs sees the outside activation of c:windows/xpopup.js as a potential security breach and therefore “block” pop-ups. Also some forums mentioned that many firewalls would re-interpret the HTML or PHP and you would see this line in your “View -> source”

    “script type=”text/javascript” src=””

    but could not be found on the actual pages.

    I therefore decided to temporarily disable my firewall (CA Personal Firewall) and sudddenly, all of the sections of the dashboard started working, the quick reply comments appeared and worked, and the visual editor started working.


    I still want to keep my personal firewall up and running for security purposes. My next question is how can I write a rule (in CA Personal Firewall) that will allow me use of the c:windows/xpopup.js ONLY when I am using my WordPress admin station and not from any other webpage? Clearly, there has to be a way to do this to where everytime I use WordPress, I do not have to disable the firewall and make sure I re-enable it when I am logged out of the admin station.

    Any help would be appreciated

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  • In CA personal firewall, I can now keep the firewall up and running, but temporarly disable the ad/pop-up blocker while remembering to re-activate it when I am logged off the admin station.

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