• Took me a while to figure out which of my plugins managed to sneak in a Google Analytics tracking script. No direct calls for it in my page’s HTML. Nothing in the theme. What the?…

    Then I’ve noticed that under “Advanced” settings of Shareaholic there’s a line that reads:

    Disable Analytics (it is recommended NOT to disable analytics

    Who would’ve thought that this is not Shareaholic’s analytics, but the old (prehistoric!) synchronous ga.js?!

    In short: ticked that “NOT recommended” option, got rid of redundant script, got an instant +7 on Google Pagespeed.

    Plus freakin’ seven!

    PS: Just found out that this plugin also loads Jquery from Google servers. Again, silently, without printing any extra HTML code. Sneaky bastard.

    +12 on Pagespeed.

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  • Plugin Author shareaholic


    Hi @trenton Talbot

    Our team at Shareaholic is obsessed by Site Speed and making Shareaholic powered sites load even faster. We just released a whole slew of upgrades, including using the latest version of GA to address Page Speed.

    We’ve detailed the techniques we use here:

    The above articles also includes tips on how to fine tune your Shareaholic install to make it go faster. Do take a look!

    As background, we use GA to track any client side exceptions and errors proactively. This proactive monitoring enables us to fix any issues related to Shareaholic (big or small) before our users even notice them. This is a big reason why we’re able to deliver a reliable service consistently.

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