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    Today I woke up to two people telling me they are not able to complete an order on my site due to the Your Order section being grayed out.

    After tons of testing, I have determined that it is my custom theme having the issue. I tried the Twenty Twelve theme and it works fine. I am overriding all of the Woocommerce template files in my own theme. These files were in place before Woocommerce 2.0 (which could be part of the problem).

    I don’t know enough about Woocommerce to pinpoint the issue, so I’m hoping someone can help. My site is If you add something to the card and proceed to checkout, you will notice the second half of the checkout “Your Order” is grayed out and constantly tries to load.

    I’ve also tried disabling all plugins and adding plugins back one by one and this doesn’t help either.

    Any ideas of how I can fix this? I’m not even sure where to look. If it is that my Woocommerce template pages are outdated, can you tell me where to look to move to updated template pages?


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  • Roy Ho


    Yes the issue lies with the template files because you mentioned you did this previous to 2.0. So in 2.0, many of those template files changed and thus your previously copied template files will also need to be updated from the 2.0 files.

    So to sum it up, you need to port over the changes in your current template files to the 2.0 files and replace your current files with the newly ported 2.0 files. Take note that if you didn’t change anything in the template files but just copied them over for convenience, you can safely delete those as it will just fallback to the default 2.0 files if necessary.

    Is there particular ones that I can copy over to the 2.0 versions to test this issue? It’s been a while since I’ve worked with the site so I don’t remember if I have custom coding elsewhere through those templates or not.

    Roy Ho


    I couldn’t answer that for you as I don’t know what you have and have not changed.

    But the way I would do this in a situation like yours is simply delete the woocommerce folder inside your theme folder. Of course save a backup somewhere first. By deleting it, WooCommerce will use its default 2.0+ templates. Then recheck your site and if you see anywhere that is ODD or does not look as it was before, then you know which part you have previously modified and from there you can copy ONLY that file that is changed, back to your theme/woocommerce folder ( take note of sub-folder structure ). But don’t forget to use the 2.0 template as base and copy ONLY the changes from your pre 2.0 file.

    I removed my woocommerce folder from my theme and it appears that everything is functioning well, but I’ve lost alot of custom edits. So I just need to go through each template I guess and fix each error.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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