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  • This WP uses a lot of plugins and a slightly moderated theme called Branford Magazine. The worst challenge was to include the Google (adsense) search. Tried everything, but had to end up with a hardcoded and completely wrong page in HTML. But the search works.

    Any opinions?

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  • Are you trying to put the Google AdSense search in the sidebar, in the main section of the index page, or in a post? Generally, when you’re using JavaScript — which most AdSense relies on — you’ll need to put it into the sidebar.

    (I’ve had some luck putting JavaScript into posts by putting the code into a table… I talk about that in my book about Branford Magazine.)

    However, have you seen Michael Oeser’s newest theme (in beta as of mid-April 2008), called Wynton Magazine? It includes an advertising section in the middle of the homepage.

    I haven’t tried that theme yet, to see what it does, but it may include some useful code for your purposes.

    (For the record, Sites that Soar! — the book that I co-authored — does not offer help with Google AdSense. It’s strictly about the basics of installing and customizing Branford Magazine and Mimbo, though I make a brief reference to using tables in posts, for JavaScript references.)

    As far as Google search, I probably would hardcode a WP template for the results page and use a sidebar widget.

    But my point for posting is that I REALLY like your site. It’s very clean, user-friendly, did I mention spanking clean – it gets an A+ in design from me as far as usability goes, and personal preference. I like sites where the design is secondary to strong content – and your site hits it out of the park on that count. Later on, you might try different graphic touches in the header – your topic is rich with illustrative possibilities! (did that make sense – I’ve been up all night…)

    Good job! Bookmarking your blog, darlin’!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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