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  • I’m thinking about switching my layout to single column (700px wide) with a simple menu either at the top or bottom. But I was curious — what are your opinions on these types of layouts. I know it’s not the standard “blog” format but a few other sites have swithed and I think it looks pretty cool. Does anyone even bother to scroll down if the menus are at the bottom?

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  • I’d think it would be cool. =) There was just one released as a beta a bit ago..something like this one maybe?

    Or maybe not, but I know what you’re basically talking about though.. =) I’d like it, and I think those look cool.. =) Just giving my opinions and what not… =)


    mine is a custom 1-column thingamadoo :

    I did it and I love it. I’m using Tiny — the sidebar is turned into a tiny little link on the top. It’s beeeyootiful, thanks to Ben de Groot for the awesome, extremely simple and highly-customizable design.

    I think a theme like that promotes BLOGGING…. the point, the end result, the be all and end all….

    I was going to post that a top menu made more sense than a bottom one, but I “lost” this thread….

    I agree! My main goal was an empahsis on content.

    Also, V, I switched hosts, so no more of that Yahoo bullshit. Thanks for all your help, though.

    Hey, that’s good! You’ll have a LOT less trouble over time, really. But any problems, just post back…. always happy to help.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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