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  • What do Guns, Temple Run 2, and Vincent Van Gogh all have in common. They are just a couple of topics discussed on this this highly, and I mean HIGHLY, opinionated site.

    Check it out at and contribute your own voice. All opinions welcome!

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  • Mischa,
    You’ve got lots of original content in there which good, but maybe the next step would be to give your blog a bit of personality by giving Twenty Twelve theme a bit of the custom design treatment to make it more individual.

    Thanks for the feedback, Stuart. I’m very much a novice when it comes to all things WordPress but would like to learn to dress up my site. Do you have any recommendations for good tutorials?

    You cant beat just rolling up your sleeves an diving in.
    Maybe start with simple things like tweaking the CSS a bit,
    and then start playing with the theme php.

    Find a blog you like the look of for design inspiration, then work towards something like that. Usually its easier if you start with a theme that has most of the features you want in the first place.

    There’s tons of info out there for the Googling, but you’ll only know what you need to Google when you start playing 😉

    If doing that on your live blog is a bit scarey I’d recommend you create a local copy of your site on your computer.

    I use a program called Serverpress ( )

    It makes it super easy to have WordPress running right on your desktop so you can play to your hearts content without breaking your live site.

    Beware though, once you start tweaking your theme, you might get addicted and end up deciding to make your own (like I did). 😉

    site link goes to ???

    Huh, don’t know why the link isn’t working. I suspect it’s a moderator thing and I don’t seem to be able to edit it. Working now:

    Thanks, Stuart. Once again, very helpful. I’ll be sure to check out Serverpress, although I have a long way to go before I am remotely proficient on all things CSS.


    could you please tell me the name of the plugin you used for the video gallery?

    I’m using TubePress, which is easy to install and use.

    does it allow you to have multiple video galleries? Like video galleries on different pages?

    I’ve only used it to do one video gallery, but I suspect it can handle multiple ones. Sorry I don’t have more info for you but a quick google search seems to provide some answers.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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