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  • Resolved Tim Blankenship



    I’ll start this off by letting you know that I’ve already resolved this issue (hint: it involved me completely removing your plugin from my website), but I wanted to relay this experience you in the hope that you may learn something about USER EXPERIENCE.

    So here goes, this morning I updated plugins on my website, one of them was yours. I didn’t think much about it. About 30 minutes later thinking everything is still normal I need to edit a page. Navigate to that page on the front-ed and hit the edit button on the admin bar.

    BOOM! Get redirected to a full-page update notification about all of the whiz-bang new features in the latest update. Okay, no big deal. I don’t care, but whatever WordPress is full of notification messages that I need to dismiss before I can get back work. I scan the page, no dismiss button. Whatever. I go back to the page I need to edit on the front-end. Hit that edit button again. No joy. I’m still stuck on your notification page.

    Okay, something is wrong with this update. No big deal, updates like this are complicated. I navigate on the back-end to the pages listing and find the page I need to edit. Click that Edit link. Nope! Still, I get redirected to this – now very annoying – Pretty Link update page.

    Okay, let me deactivate this plugin and see if that works. Nope. Delete the plugin? Nope. Okay, let me check the support page for the plugin. Several similar issues listed. Okay, clear the Chrome cache. Okay, now 15 minutes later I’m back to being able to edit a page on my website.

    Was any of this necessary? Probably not. You’ll probably tell me it wasn’t your fault because Chrome messed up or something or my caching settings are wrong. Whatever.

    If you hadn’t decided to inject this hyper obnoxious update notification into my experience none of this would have happened. I’d still be happily using your plugin. I would have just gotten down to business and updated that page on my website. I wouldn’t have had to write this long post on your support page. Etc., etc.

    This is overall a deeply disappointing experience. I’d ask you to do better, but I’m highly unlikely to ever attempt to use any of your products ever again.

    All the best, Tim

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author cartpauj


    Hey Tim, thanks for taking the time to write up a detailed response. Please know that we are truly sorry about this issue and our developers are working hard to correct it.

    The best we can tell the redirect issue is related to caching, but that’s not an excuse – it was an oversight on our end and we’re working hard to fix it.

    I hope you’ll keep giving us a shot going forward, but I can completely understand your hesitation.



    Just wanted to add a note saying that I’m having the exact same problem.

    Thus far, even deactivating and uninstalling the plugin and clearing the cache has not worked for me.

    I have really found this plugin useful in the past, but I sincerely hope you can rectify this problem as quickly as possible.




    I had the same issue this morning – after about 15 or 20 minutes, I was able to log back in.

    Plugin Author cartpauj


    We should have a new version 3.0.1 out very soon. In the meantime, downgrading to the prior version will be the best option for those affected by the caching redirect issue:

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