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  • I’m always too busy making sites for other people that i never get to work on my own sites. After 2 years of neglecting it, i finally got around to it and made some changes and cleaned up the codes. I still have to re write tags and meta description of the posts for SEO, but the structure of the site is done.

    The website is:

    I count on your honest opinion and i won’t be offended if you say it’s worthless but state your reasons. What would you do to make it better?

    Thanks guys,


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  • You have a lot of content on your site and I like that. Websites that are content driven actually have purpose.

    The appearance of the site however is dated. Starting at the top all the social media links could be replaced with better looking icons.

    The top green bar itself kinda sticks out as ugly.. Maybe if it had a gradient/blend effect going on it would soften it and make it more pleasing to the eye.

    Same goes for the navigation bar – it has a blend but it still looks dated. And the gray bar spacing between the buttons is just downright ugly.. a quick fix for those spacing bars between the nav buttons is to make them a darker green instead of gray.

    Also you might consider making your text a bit larger in your posts, and give them some more padding. I dont like seeing everything so jam packed and squished, it intimidates me to read it.
    If it had more room to breathe and easier to see I would be more inclined to read it.

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks for your comment Randy. The top bar was bland. It wasn’t an image so i never thought about modifying it. I gave it some CSS gradient and it looks much better.

    The text was too small as well. I changed it from 12pt to 13pt. It’s easier to read now. As far as word spacing, i’m afraid it will have too much white spaces since i justify the post texts.

    For the navigation dividers, i tried a million different shades but nothing matches better than the ugly grey (it kind of matches the grey in the logo). I guess i have to live with it or change the whole color scheme of the site.

    I’ll keep the social media buttons the same for now, since i barely have any time to update twitter or any of that. The less attention they get for now the better. In the future i’ll make them bigger and nicer.

    Thanks for all your suggestions, it’s always better to have another set of eyes around.

    That looks good. You don’t have to keep the “language translation” option in ever post and not specially in the blog home page, rather you can put it somewhere in the sidebar? Rest are good, blog filled with content. 🙂

    Thanks Desushil. The reason i keep it on the front page is that i get a lot of non-English speaking visitors and the translate-text converts to their language so they know where to click.If i put it in the sidebar for the front page, it translates the whole page rather than individual posts.



    I finally got around to it and made some changes:

    Social buttons redone.
    Top green bar now has a gradient.
    Posts on the home page now have more tags (much better loading time and easier to navigate.
    Got rid of the translate and subscribe button on the home page posts.
    Rounded all box corners and navigation buttons using CSS, (IE doesn’t support it but every other major browser does)
    redesigned the comment.php, with odd and even coloring and different pad and margins.
    Also enabled the avatars and much more.

    your site looks great- i think you will always find things you dont like, but you have to look at the site as a whole and everything works in harmony together.

    You must have seen the motorcycle dairies; You have content, perhaps, which most don’t have. Just blather and bullshit. Look at the successful sites. Wallmart, Costco, hell google. They aren’t fancy. They’re business. Provide the content and simplify.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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