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  • im sick of this message.
    Your homepage cannot be indexed.
    My site is fine and is mobile friendly YoastSEO is WRONG and useless when it comes to this damn message.

    There has been many updates of WP and the SEO plugin and still the same rubbish “Your homepage cannot be indexed”

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    Hi @arttechuk,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    The “Your homepage cannot be indexed” warning can be caused by a number of reasons. Please, refer to this KB article for more information: If you already ran your homepage through the Google’s mobile friendly tool and the test was successful, the Ryte (formally warning may be wrong.

    In this case, we’d recommend you open a free account with Ryte to get further details about the warning or, alternatively, disable the indexability check by following these steps.

    I too have this complaint and if you follow the links to the RYTE site and do the sign up it says click the link in the email sent to you _ NO EMAIL is received. I have checked and tried more than once I suggest that RYTE is NO GOOD it is a waste of my time and may potentially just be an email harvesting site.

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    ive ran it through Google’s mobile friendly tool and the test was successful. So yoast SEO is a waste of time and i will not be using it any time soon.

    i have the same problem
    Yoast: Your Homepage Cannot Be Indexed by Search Engines Error Message.
    ive ran it through Google’s mobile friendly tool and the test was successful.
    i checked with the website is fine and indexed
    i do not have noindex nofollow on the site
    i submit my website to google search console it gives me status code: 200 and it’s partial
    i resubmit the url
    what should i do to fix this


    Same issue out there and it’s the first time I see that..

    Mobile index test was good nothing is found in any other tool.

    Please advice.

    Thank you !


    I have had issue for weeks – there is nothing wrong with the indexing of my site. I also tried to create an account with RYTE and never received the required verification email despite trying several times.


    i reached Ryte and get this message :
    please make sure your homepage URL in your Yoast account is 100% the same as in your Google Search Console (same protocol, trailing slash, etc.). In situations like yours it’s usually because the homepage URL, as Yoast presents it to our software, isn’t 100% correct. But if your Google Search Console confirms that the page is indexable there’s no need to worry either way!

    so i will just ignore the message coz the message is an error itself

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    Yoast sucks, They have all these people with same problem, Yoast seems to update the plugin almost daily yet they cant sort this common problem out. What other problems does yoast have that we dont know about, but still hurts our search rankings. my sites run and index nicely without yoast, So maybe we are better off having no yoast than a buggy broken one.

    I’m also having this problem.

    I’ve been in touch with Ryte over this, and they claim it has something to do with Yoast and Google having a mismatched URL name. The final slash on the end of the name (which appears in Google, but not in Yoast) is the culprit they say.

    However, I am unable to find a way to change this.

    Any ideas, Yoast? I’ve paid you guys quite a bit of money already for your plugin across my sites, and so far it’s been good. Don’t let me down please.


    Plugin Support marcanor


    Hi @cadfantastic,

    We understand that this warning can be inconvenient, but please rest assured that if you’ve performed the checks in this article and if you run a “” search in Google and you can find your site, then the warning is just wrong.

    As mentioned by @folks1990 here, the problem is a mismatch of the exact domain that can be caused by a missing trailing slash. We are working on fixing this with Ryte.

    Hey Marcanor:

    Thanks for getting back to me, and for the clarification. I’m sure others will benefit from knowing this as well.

    I look forward to seeing the fix with Yoast and Ryte soon.

    Best Regards,


    Terrible, facing the same problem, the issue shouldn’t be there in the first place. Maybe its a way of getting people to pay for the pro version?

    So where can we check for the issue of the “mismatch of the exact domain that can be caused by a missing trailing slash”… I have the same issue. My domain passes the Google Mobile Test just fine. Ive turned off RYTE for the time being since it seems to be not working correctly.

    Furthermore, is this negatively affecting my sites indexing now?

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