Your help for WP-theme/protest action against racism. (1 post)

  1. quirhijn
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi guys,
    I've been searching for a WP theme that offers the possibilty for visitors to easy upload only a picture or Youtube video, without the ability to add text as well....just only a picture or video from youtube.

    Compare to the onemilliongiraffes project. Instead of collecting drawings, I want to collect protest votes against a popular racist politician during the national elections in a european nation. (Electionday on 9th of june 2010) After election this protest is still important in the proces after elections during the formations.

    Maybe this can better be a plugin, I don't know. I still love WP for the ease of use without any code...i'm just a dummie...so if anyone can help me on this mission against racism you're welcome. Of course you'll get your credits by name and link for your support/design.

    There is no commercial purpose (no ads etc.)
    When finished it's up to us (some friends here) to make this a network based hype.

    Let me know if you know a usefull free theme or if you want to create one...

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