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  • Hi all

    A year ago I had a problem. I didn’t particularly like the way that the drafts were limited to a less than 15 as standard ad it took a while later to work out a hack to get all the drafts showing as standard. The original workaround was fine but I’ve just updated to WP2.1 and the hack no longer works so the problem needed revisiting. So, I’ve spent much of the day trying to find the code that needs changing and it’s in the


    file. Again, all I had to do was to change all the 15s to 150s (on lines 33 and 43 and 44) and it worked fine again.

    I just thought I should share the solution in case anyone else was interested in doing the same thing.

    Looking forward to more draft functionality in future WP offerings 🙂

    Reevo @ Ektopia

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