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  • So, after some weeks of fine-tuning I finally decided my site to be ready for some expert’s reasoning on design and stuff (content is in German, so beware).

    It’s ablog on exergaming, to be found at

    There are some flaws I know, I do work on them already:
    – The logo has suffered somewhat from conversion to .png in order to add transparency. I am working on this.
    – Some of the entries in “Tests” are still hard-coded html from when the site used to be non-Wordpress-based. This is also being down right now.

    For everything else, I am gleefully awaiting your comments and the moment I can scrap “gleefully” in favour of “horrifiedly”.

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  • As for critique on my post: Of course, the post inconsistency is being dealt with (done), not down.

    You need to define a font in your stylesheet.

    I honestly don’t want to, can’t see the point in doing this.

    Defining a font in your style sheet keeps the text on your page looking consistent and is considered “good design”


    I consider it forced design. I’m not forcing stuff on my readers unless it is necessary to make clear some properties of a font, such as the hx-Tags where I clearly want a non-serif font (however, I just realized, having hx a actually makes the browser default, this is unexpected as my defintions for a say nothing at all about defaulting back fonts, so thanks for the hint).
    As for the main text, this is up to the user. I simply do not want to interfere with what the user has set up as default in his browser as I reckon it is being defaulted for a reason (wether it be by the browser’s programmers or the user).
    Everyone should read it in the font (s)he prefers, not in the one I consider best-looking.

    However, if that is the most serious concern with my blog’s design I assume I did something right.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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