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  • No one else took the survey?

    Were they required to report here to you if they did? 🙂

    With that kind of response, I wonder why we continue to use and support WP. It’s hardly a community driven response, is it?

    Gez, yeah, seriously. I just wanted to hear other people’s thoughts.

    Too late for me. Haven’t check in here recently, but wish I’d had a chance to take the survey, because there are a lot of (simple, obvious) usability improvements to the admin panel that could be made (including restoring some of the usability that was bizarrely jettisoned with the 2.5 redesign)



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    I answered the survey. I added lighter admin menus plugin in all installs and all users even newbies are comfortable with it. So aside from the kudos I gave to developers, I also made a simple request that they enable moving main navigation from left column to top 🙂

    I took the survey but added plenty of notes about how pointless it was.

    Getting users input is great, but asking them to basically comment on what a label is called and where it should go isn’t really very constructive and is hardly a top priority for input.

    I’d rather see questionnaires that address the more fundamental problems with WordPress, as StrangeAttractor noted above.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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