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    Don’t you hate it when a review starts with the reviewer’s credentials and how you should trust their views because they did x, y, and z in the past n number of years? Well, apologies to disappoint but this is one of those reviews. The reason is that in our company, customer support takes precedence over anything else. A product is only as good as the support behind it.

    The long version of the story: we spent hours trying all other helpdesk plugins. Each one had its own quirks. We had two main requirements: guest tickets and bi-directional email support. i.e. it would be impractical to have the agents have to login to a website to respond to tickets. Out of all the plugins out there, only Awesome Support provides the latter. But, that plugin had some other critical and irreconcilable issues with our theme. We tried another one, and requested a refund which is yet to come. And, luckily, I found KB and I was not even going to try it because of the number of installations and reviews. Fortunately, I had run out of choices and decided to give it a try.

    The first attempt failed polling our Exchange IMAP mailbox. So, after exhausting all possible solutions, I contacted their support and got a response back quickly. They offered to login to our system and figure out the issue. And, lo and behold, they found the issue and fixed it. At no extra cost. This is was a complete shock having had to go through all the other plugins.

    So, feeling emboldened, I asked for KB product to support integration with Ultimate Member plugin. And, lo and behold, that was also done.

    I would say that I am pleasantly surprised but it’s more like a shock. This level of customer service/satisfaction is what makes a company stand out.

    The product itself is easy to use and well integrated with everything else. Unlike others with 1000s of extensions, the extensions are well organized. And, with its price, why would anyone even blink?

    To circle back to my credentials, for years we used HelpScout but this month will be the last. Everything is migrated to KB.

    If you ever run into any issues, contact KB’s impeccable support and rest assured that it’ll be resolved.

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    Thanks @mkohanim. We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our plugin and our commitment to providing outstanding support so I’m delighted you experienced both 🙂

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