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  • ….if you even look at your event funny. I noticed 1 small mistake in how I set up a recurring event, I changed it and ALL THE BOOKINGS ARE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They aren’t even in the database so I could try to manually rescue them. They are just gone. Oh, you changed your event I guess you don’t need your bookings any more. Who thought this was a good idea?!

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  • Patrick


    Editing a Recurring Event will make it be re-planned. There is VERY VERY clear notice for that above the Recurrence. READ IT NEXT TIME!

    You should’ve simply detached the events with bookings and then you could have safely edit the rest of the recurrences. Just like the notice and documentation say!

    Looks extremely clear to me!

    I’m not going to play this game. Patrick please stay out of this.

    This is an unpredictable plugin. This should not have happened. Very clear would have been a popup/alert box warning me.

    This plugin has potential and I would have up sold the payment option over and over again….but there is no way I’m going to try this plugin with anyone else if I can’t trust it.

    You will lose your bookings and if you read this support chain you’ll see how little the developers care. We were ready to BUY THE UPGRADE……not any more.

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    Plugin Author Marcus


    @duisterdenhaag, there’s no need for this type of reply.

    @graftedin, Firstly, I’m sorry for the replies you received here and your support thread. Patrick is not part of our support team and does not represent my views on providing good support in this case. This is a free and open forum and I cannot prevent Patrick from posting here. On the flip side, he’s a very enthusiastic member of the community that does help where possible, but this reply is not one I condone and I will also let him know privately too.

    Secondly (and probably firstly), I’m sorry if you’ve lost your bookings.

    At this point you manually have to click a button to make any changes to a recurring event, so that it’s pretty clear that change will delete your bookings. I’m not sure whether we can be clearer about it, however if we missed something and could be clearer about it, I’d be interested to hear it.

    As for losing your data, if it’s not too late, I’d be willing to lookat your DB IN CASE the data was not lost. Unfortunately though, deleting of bookings does happen if you a rescheduling an event or modifying the booking information (e.g. adding/deleting tickets), because you are essentially changing all of your dates and there’s no way for us to know (without extensive work which even then I’d fear to implement without tons of testing in the event of a false deletion) which event should have which booking.

    I’m going to also paste here my reply from just now on the support thread, for posterity.

    Recurring events are a set of individual events (event recurrences) during different date/times created from a “recurring event” template. All the information required to create an event is taken from that recurring event and duplicated into events (event recurrences) with different dates, the only difference being the dates.

    If you need to change the set of recurring events, such as the time, description, title, meta data, categories etc., this will/should NOT result in any data loss, except the overwriting of this aforementioned data on the individual event recurrences. This is straightforward since we simply need to grab all the recurrences and update them with this new info.

    Things get tricky if you change a date, or booking information. Let’s start with dates, and I think the best way is with an example:

    If you have a workshop that happens every Sunday and you wish to change that day or the range of dates it happens during, you may end up with more, or less events than before, on different dates and therefore we have no way to reliably predict what to do with an event where the date has to change. So, in these cases, we delete all the recurrences and recreate them.

    With bookings, you can change anything in a booking, such as removing a ticket, changing the spaces, or the entire booking logic. Again, we can’t guess what you’re going to change, in this case we only delete the bookings and recreate the tickets booked under it.

    I agree that in both these examples, we could (with a lot of work) mitigate cases where small tweaks, like adding an extra Sunday to the set or adding a ticket, shouldn’t impact the currently created events,this isn’t a feature we’ve implemented yet.

    HOWEVER, we have taken every effort to make it as obvious as possible when something will get deleted, and also make it near impossible to do so without mindfully clicking a button before any of the fields where you can trigger data deletion appear. Think of it like that red flick switch you see in movies which prevents you from accidentally firing that missile.

    You describe just seeing an admin notice nag (which we do have but I agree is not enough), so I’m unsure where things went wrong here… the only thing I can imagine is you were running an older version of Events Manager, as we added this safety measure some time ago (a year or more).

    I know this doesn’t bring your bookings, back, and I’m not trying to argue with you, I’m just giving you an explanation of how things happen and why, in case you’re willing to give this another go.



    @marcus, I said nothing wrong.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I’d have preferred to leave it at that @duisterdenhaag, I’ve emailed you privately so you can tell me there. The user above clearly also didn’t appreciate your comments, and I can see why too. At minimum, caps means shouting for starters, there’s no need to shout.

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