• Do you plan to create a wordpress Website about Football? Or do you plan to empower your Football oriented Website with amazing Features like leagues, squads, fixtures, results, match Details and statistics, stuff and more? Then you should really try this amazing plugin from AnWP!

    Before I found AnWPs Football Leagues, I used sportspress by themeboy. From the visual site, both plugins are pretty similar, but there are a lot of reasons, why I stopped working with Sportspress and use AnWPs Football Leagues now.

    Reason #01 – The Price

    For the full package with unlimited Support, Football Leagues Pro is available for 150 USD per site. Sportspress does the same for 450 USD, but for unlimited sites and for more sports. Anyway: AnWPs Advantages kill SportsPress and Features like maps and match Events are available in the free plugin, compared to sportspress, where These are payed Features.

    Reason #02 – Frontend

    Both plugins are well styled and maybe it´s a matter of taste, what you prefer. A Little Advantage of Sportspress is, that they use table tags in the whole plugin and this makes it easier to include Features like table Tools, sorting and filtering, while Football Leagues uses divs in most tables. Both can be styles with CSS, so it´s not a really big Advantage for sportspress. And if AnWP includes some Features like filtering (for example: select match day in Dropdown for league tables or select Player in Dropdown for squad lists), i would never miss the table layout of sportspress again.

    Reason #3 – The backend.

    And this is where the Magic happens. Sportspress is not hard to handle, but from my Point of view, AnWPs Football Leagues is a lot easier to administrate. There are powerfull Dropdowns in the backend, that allow to select entries (for example Players) from a great styled Dropdown list with live filtering. Also the way how match Events are added is incredible, even you can not really add your own match Events (drinking breaks, etc.). For General Football matches, Football Leagues brings everything to your wordpress site. Goals, Owngoals, Cards (Yellow, Red and Yellow-Red – sportspress does not know yellow red), substitutions and more. It´s incredible easy to add your Details.

    Reason 4: Themes

    I tested both plugins with a lot of payed and free themes and I noticed, that the plugins style is heavyly influenced by the themes CSS in sportspress, but not in Football Leagues. In Sportspress, you can Change some styles in the backend (not possible with Football Leagues), but you can use CSS to bring the Magic. Sportspress Team (themeboy) offers some payed and one free theme to Play with, but those are pretty limited to sportspress. If you use other themes that are not styled for sportspress, there could be the one or other compatibility problem. I don´t found any with Football Leagues plugin.

    Anyway: Suggestions

    Apart from filtering tables, some Shortcodes in Football Leagues could have more power (sorting, coloring, Change order, etc.). Also I would love to have more Styling Options right from the backend (also for tables like squads to make them more suitable to the rest of the plugin). And last but not least, I would really love to Change some sections of the plugin:

    1) In all Shortcodes: Change the order of columns
    2) in Match Details: Use hover tooltips on the Icons and remove the Goals sections instead
    3) use Icons in match statistics for better first view on what a statistic bar is for
    4) Use Team Colors and use them on single Team, single match, etc.
    5) allow calculated statistics like “win rate, loss rate, draw rare, Goals per match, Cards per match, etc., allow to add or remove single stats (I hided Shots via CSS cause I only Need Shots on Goal).
    6) more toplists like Fair Play, Goals, Audience, Stadium capacity, maybe Club worth/Players worth, Assists, etc.
    7) A view for plugin categories… When I add the Team category to the wordpress menu, a blog like list of all Teams is shown. That does not look really good.
    8) new Football rules: Cards for Trainers and stuff

    Maybe Pro?

    I don´t own pro actually (I plan to buy in the next months). So I don´t know if some of the suggestions are already part of Football Leagues Pro.

    Need tester/Translator?

    I am german and I love your plugin. Is there is a testing cyclus or you Need someone to translate to german, feel free to contact me. I would love to help and help making your plugin the best choise for Football enthusiasts. 🙂 Great Work!

    Best Regards

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