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    I am an administrator on my site, I try to log in to my site but Shield blocks my IP! I changed IP but again Shield blocked my IP!
    How can fix this?

    Shield message:
    You were blocked by the Shield. Something in the URL, Form or Cookie data wasn’t appropriate.

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    Sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having.

    This is a firewall block.

    When Firewall blocks something on your site, the first thing to do is to go to your Audit Trail and find the Firewall entries (what’s triggering the block).

    Then, you may go to Firewall module => Whitelist => and whitelist parameters that’s getting blocked. Please see here how to do this:

    Here are some of the firewall block entries in the audit trail and the parameters examples that can be helpful for you:

    You can also let Shield to whitelist the parameter automatically. Just click the ‘Whitelist Param’ link for that firewall entry in your audit trail and it’ll be whitelisted for you automatically.

    It’s also worth of mentioning that, if you ever get locked out (blacklisted) by Shield, this is how to get back in:

    Once you’re in, you may go to the IP Lists section of the Shield Security Dashboard and remove your IP from the blacklist.

    Hope this helps.



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